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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

coffee poured into a mason jar

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee (Recipe You Can Make at Home) Cold-brew coffee has gained a lot of traction recently. It’s becoming one of the most popular brewing methods with even some retail cold brew coffees reaching supermarket aisles. It has even made its way onto Starbucks menus. You’re probably wondering what the big … Read more

How to Use an Aeropress: Step-by-step Instructions

making coffee with an aeropress

How to use an Aeropress Coffee Maker Aeropress produces a low-acid, tasty cup of coffee. It’s easy to use with its no-muss, no-fuss design (1). Rather than producing 12 cups of percolator coffee, you get a single, small cup of expertly-brewed tastiness. When you first look at your Aeropress, you may feel like it will … Read more

The History Of Coffee And How It Changed Our World

coffee beans inside a white bowl

History and Origin of Coffee and How It Changed Our World Scientists tell us that there are an infinite number of alternate universes, all with their own unique realities and histories. Fortunately, the universe we live in is one in which the inhabitants of a small blue planet, circling an unremarkable sun, have access to … Read more

How To Like Black Coffee Without Cream And Sugar

a cup of clean black coffee

How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good Without Creamer And Sugar Before we start please do me one favor: whatever people, friends, expert will tell you: always listen to your own taste buds! You make the decision whether you will like black coffee or not! It’s perfectly fine if Folgers Coffee from the grocery store … Read more

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker

a person holding a french tip's lid

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker You probably have a good French press, your grinder, your scale and your coffee beans right in front of you and are so close to enjoy THE best coffee you have ever tasted in your life? All you need to know now is how to use the French … Read more

How Coffee Is Made – 15 Steps From Seed To Cup

a cup of coffee and some coffee beans

How Is Coffee Grown? 15 Steps To Coffee From Bean To Cup [With Infographic] While sipping on my third coffee, grateful that the buzz I was getting was considered legal, I couldn’t help but think about how coffee is made and the curious sequence of events that lead to the perfecting of the beverage now … Read more

5 Coffee Certifications Compared – What Fair Trade And Rainforest Really Mean

a cup of coffee that says 'fair trade certified'

Coffee Certifications Compared: What Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest And Others Really Mean Ever wonder what the different coffee bean certifications mean on any given bag of coffee? When browsing for your next bag of Joe, you may see labels that read Fair Trade Certified. Or, Rainforest Alliance.  Well, there’s meaning behind those labels and we would like to explain … Read more

Cappuccino Vs Latte &- The Real Difference

difference between latte and cappuccino

Cappuccino vs Latte – The Real Difference Between These Drinks Which one do you prefer? Is it latte or cappuccino, or maybe both depending on the occasion? For example, Italians like a cup of cappuccino with their breakfast and latte later in the day. But there isn’t a right or wrong way to enjoy your … Read more