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Quick Mill Sorella Review – Is It Any Good?

Quick Mill are renowned for their espresso machines that combine beautiful aesthetics with top level performance. We got our hands on one of their newest creations – the Sorella Espresso Machine, a collaboration between Chris’s Coffee and Quick Mill.

In this review you’ll find the results of our testing, what we liked and didn’t like about this machine and whether we think it’s worth the price tag.

Summary: The Quick Mill Sorella

  • Dual boiler system and E61 style group head for optimal espresso extraction.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and app integration provide remote control and customization.
  • Includes a variety of accessories such as portafilters, wooden handle tamper, and baskets.
  • Offers advanced features and high-quality espresso, justifying the cost.
The Sorella might just be the best prosumer espresso machine for under $5000 – Steven Holm,

Features of the Sorella Espresso Machine

Aesthetic Appeal

The Sorella Espresso Machine is a beautifully designed machine that will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen or coffee shop. The machine has an all-stainless steel frame and body with wooden accents on the joysticks, portafilter handle, and lever arm. It looks gorgeous on a countertop and is easy to wipe off any fingerprints.

The front panel on the Quick Mill Sorella showcases classic Italian craftsmanship

Boiler System

The Sorella Espresso Machine has a dual boiler system, which means it has separate boilers for brewing and steaming. The machine has a 2-liter stainless steel steam boiler and a 0.75-liter stainless steel coffee boiler. Both boilers have dedicated pressure gauges right up front, so you can see the pressure levels at all times.

The Sorella uses a dual boiler system

Compact Rotary Pump

The Sorella Espresso Machine has a compact rotary pump that is both really quiet and provides ample room for you to do service on the machine. You can adjust the OPV or any other settings inside the machine with ease.

E61 Style Group Head

The machine has an E61 style group head that has a passive pre-infusion. The group head is designed to ensure that the water is evenly distributed throughout the coffee puck, resulting in a better extraction.

PID Display

The Sorella Espresso Machine has a PID display that doubles as a shot counter and also displays the temperature of both the brew boiler and the steam boiler. You can easily adjust the temperature settings and other parameters from the display.

Drip Tray

The machine has a large capacity 1.5-liter drip tray that also has plumbing capabilities. You can run it to a separate bucket or sink or outside wherever you want to drain.

No Burn Steam and Hot Water Wands

The Sorella Espresso Machine has no burn steam and hot water wands that are both activated by joysticks. The wands are made of high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Side Loading Water Tank

The machine has a side-loading water tank that is a big feature that they were really excited about. It’s great if you have limited space above the machine that you don’t want to have to be pouring water in from the top. You can pour it from the side or remove this tank altogether and fill it and then just reinsert it.

Overall, the Sorella Espresso Machine is a great machine that is both beautiful and functional. It has all the features you need to make great espresso and is easy to use and clean.

Accessories Included with the Machine

Let’s take a look at the accessories that come with the Sorella espresso machine. First off, we have the double-spouted portafilter and a matching bottomless portafilter. The bottomless portafilter is a great touch as usually, you have to buy those aftermarket. But with the Sorella, it comes standard with the machine.

Additionally, it comes with a beautifully made little Quick Mill wooden handle tamper, which matches the wooden accents on the machine. The tamper is a nice addition to the machine and ensures that you can tamp your coffee evenly and consistently every time.

Furthermore, the machine comes with double, triple, and blank baskets for your portafilters. Having multiple baskets allows you to experiment with different doses and grind sizes to find the perfect shot.

Quality of Brewed Espresso

We are happy to report that the Sorella produces great espresso. It is a vessel that allows you to adjust and tweak your coffee preparation to maximize the potential of your espresso. The machine has everything you could ever need to dial in the perfect shot.

The Sorella makes delicious espresso

The E61 style group head with passive pre-infusion allows for water to flow out without any pressure before ramping up to nine bars of pressure. The dual boiler system with separate boilers for brewing and steaming ensures that the temperature and pressure are consistent. The two-liter stainless steel steam boiler and 0.75-liter stainless steel coffee boiler both have dedicated pressure gauges right up front, so you can see the pressure and temperature at all times.

If we’re getting nitpicky, we could complain that the machine doesn’t come with a flow control device. Still, since it has an E61 group head, you can add one later. Chris’s Coffee also offers a flow control device that you can order with the machine for 50% off if you order it at the same time.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and App

One of the standout features of the Sorella espresso machine is its Wi-Fi connectivity and accompanying app. The app allows for easy control and customization of the machine’s settings, including brew and steam temperatures, seven-day programmable timer, and eco modes.

The app was one of our favorite features when brewing with the Sorella

Connecting to the app is simple, as the machine creates its own Wi-Fi network for easy access. Once connected, users can adjust settings and monitor machine performance from their phone. The app also doubles as a shot counter and displays the temperature of both the brew and steam boilers.

The ability to control the machine remotely is a great convenience, especially for those who may want to adjust settings without having to physically interact with the machine. Additionally, the seven-day programmable timer is a great feature for those who want their machine to automatically turn on and off at specific times.

Price of the Sorella Espresso Machine

At a price of $3,045, the Sorella Espresso Machine is definitely not for beginners; it is a stand out prosumer espresso machine. For everything that you are getting and all of its features, it is a great price.

History of Chris’s Coffee and Quick Mill

Chris’s Coffee was founded in 1978 by Chris Notribe and is currently co-owned by him, his wife, and their daughters Mackenzie and Taylor. Chris’s Coffee is a well-known supplier of coffee equipment, including espresso machines and grinders. They have a wide range of products for both commercial and home use, and their customer service is top-notch.

Quick Mill is an Italian-based manufacturer of espresso machines and grinders. They have been in business since 1945 and are well-known for their build quality and durability.

Mackenzie and Taylor, co-owners of Chris’s Coffee, wanted to create a machine that represented their company’s values and what they wanted in an espresso machine.

The collaboration between Chris’s Coffee and Quick Mill resulted in the creation of the Sorella.

Is It Worth The Money?

After reviewing the features and capabilities of the Sorella espresso machine, we must say that it is definitely worth the price tag of $3,295. This machine offers a lot of advanced features and modern connectivity options that are not available on many other espresso machines in this price range.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line espresso machine that can produce high-quality espresso shots with ease, then the Sorella is definitely suited for you. With its dual boiler system, stainless steel frame and body, and e61 style group head, this machine is designed to deliver consistent and delicious espresso shots every time.

quick mill sorella espresso machine



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