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1Zpresso K-Ultra Review – Is It The Best All Round Hand Grinder?

1Zpresso has carved out a reputation for crafting some of the world’s finest manual coffee grinders, setting the bar high in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

However, with a dizzying array of models in their lineup, choosing the right grinder can be a confusing endeavor.

The K-Ultra is the latest addition to their highly regarded K-series, joining the ranks of the K-Pro and K-Max.

So, does this new contender bring enough to the table to stand out in an already crowded field? Read the rest of this 1Zpresso K-Ultra coffee grinder review to find out.

Summary: 1Zpresso K-Ultra Grinder

  • 100 clicks per rotation for micro-adjustments in grind size
  • Heptagonal 48mm stainless steel burrs for efficient and precise grinding
  • 20 grams lighter than the K-Max for enhanced portability
  • Includes non-slip rubber grip, cleaning brush, and travel case
  • Versatile performance excels in both espresso and filter coffee grinding

1Zpresso K-Ultra Design and Build Quality

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra is a masterclass in grinder design, blending both form and function seamlessly. Its sleek aesthetics and robust build, crafted from a mix of wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, make it a standout in any coffee setup.

The K-Ultra comes with all the necessary parts and accessories

I love the foldable handle, a testament to the grinder’s thoughtful engineering. This feature has been copied over from the 1Zpresso K-Max, although the K-Ultra’s handle is slightly shorter. Luckily this has no affect on the grind speed.

Weighing in at 700 grams and measuring 195x185x60mm, it feels substantial yet lightweight, a perfect balance that speaks to its premium craftsmanship.

The K-Ultra’s components fit together with a precision that leaves no room for wobble or misalignment, a testament to its high-quality engineering.

The catch cup is magnetic and it’s 40g capacity is generous enough for most brewing needs. The grinder comes complete with a non-slip rubber grip, cleaning brush, and travel case.

The catch cup is magnetic for added convenience

Like with the ZP6, it is available in iron gray and silver, to match any coffee brewing setup or personal style.

1Zpresso K-Ultra Grind Adjustment

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra is a grinder that marries precision with versatility. The external adjustment mechanism offers 100 clicks per rotation, each click corresponding to a 20-micron change.

The external adjustment dial adds to a fantastic UX and workflow with the K-Ultra

The dial is numbered from 1-10, making it a breeze to remember your preferred settings. The K-Ultra’s 48mm heptagonal stainless steel burrs are designed for a wide range of grind settings, from espresso to filter, and they cut with both efficiency and precision.

When it comes to grind speed, the K-Ultra is slightly slower than it’s predecessor the K-Max but only by a marginal 5-10 seconds for a typical 16-18 gram dose. Despite being 20 grams lighter than the K-Max, the K-Ultra feels robust and is a joy to use, thanks to its ergonomic design

1Zpresso K-Ultra Grind Settings

Here’s the grind settings I like to use on the K-Ultra. These are a good place to start the dialing in process. The numbers represent the corresponding number on the external dial.

1zpresso k-ultra grind settings
Recommended grind settings for the 1Zpresso K-series grinders

I use different settings for filter coffee depending on the roast profile of the beans and I recommend you do the same. So for V60, Chemex, Melitta, nobypass brewers and the Kalita Wave, try starting out with the pour over settings below.

  • Turkish coffee: 2 to 3.5 (20 to 35 clicks)
  • Espresso: Number 3 to 4.5 (30 to 45 clicks)
  • Aeropress, drip coffee makers and moka pot: 5 to 6 (50 to 60 clicks)
  • Pour over (light roast): 5.5-7 (55-70 clicks)
  • Pour over (medium to dark roast): 7-8.5 (70-85 clicks)
  • Siphon: Number 8 to 9 (80 to 90 clicks)
  • French press and cold brew: 9-10 (90 to 100 clicks)

With really bright and lightly roasted single-origin beans from Ethiopia, I’ve found that going as low as 5.5 delivers the best results.

Tasting Coffee Made With the 1Zpresso K-Ultra

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra’s precision in grind size and tight particle distribution directly impacts the coffee’s taste profile. When dialed in for espresso, the body is rich and full, capturing the essence of the bean’s complexity. The clarity in the cup is remarkable, allowing individual tasting notes to shine — be it fruity, nutty, or chocolaty. The acidity is well-balanced, neither overpowering nor absent, contributing to a clean and clear cup.

For filter methods like the V60, the K-Ultra also performs admirably. The coffee exhibits a cleaner body and heightened clarity, allowing for a more transparent cup where acidity and complex tasting notes can be more vividly explored.

The K-Ultra excels with pour over brewers like the V60

Many of the top rated 1Zpresso grinders are designed for either espresso or filter coffee. However, the K-Series is a versatile all-rounder that does both well.

1Zpresso K-Ultra vs K-Max

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra and K-Max both offer exceptional grind quality and are capable all round grinders that can do everything from espresso cold brew. Both grinders feature the same 48mm heptagonal stainless steel K-burrs.

While the K-Max offers 90 clicks per rotation with a 22-micron adjustment per click, the K-Ultra boasts 100 clicks per rotation and a more precise 20-micron adjustment per click. This allows for a slightly greater level of control and precision, especially beneficial for dialing in espresso. However, 2 microns of fineness is as close to splitting hairs as you can get with coffee grinders, so there isn’t a huge difference even though the K-Ultra technically has more adjustability.

In terms of ergonomics and design, the K-Ultra also has a leg up. It’s 20 grams lighter than the K-Max and features a foldable handle, making it more travel-friendly and easier to store. The K-Ultra also has a slimmer profile and curved edges, which not only give it a modern aesthetic but also make it more comfortable to use. Both grinders come with a range of accessories, but the K-Ultra includes a travel case, adding to its portability.

Given they use the same burrs, the espresso and filter coffee they make have very similar taste profiles. If you’re torn between the 2, I’d lean towards the Ultra as I prefer the workflow and aesthetics. However, both grinders are excellent all rounders and recommended buys.

Is It Worth It?

Each time I buy a new 1Zpresso grinder, I continue to be impressed. The K-Ultra is no exception. It is outstanding in both espresso and filter coffee grinding. It’s well built, grinds quickly and consistently and makes delicious coffee.

With its thoughtful design and robust performance, it offers fantastic value for money. If you’re in the market for a grinder that can truly do it all, the K-Ultra is an excellent choice.

1Zpresso k-ultra



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