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About Us

About Coffeeble

I know that the idea of a working team being referred to as “a family” has become clichéd. But here at Coffeeble we do like to think of ourselves as a little family; and a closely-knit one at that.

Since we started in 2014, we’ve managed to retain the same squad of people that has seen Coffeeble grow from just a dream on a piece of paper to the fast-growth influencer site it has become in the coffee space.

thomas coffeeble


Founder and Editor In Chief

I’m a writer, creator and self-confessed coffeeaholic. I was born and raised in Germany, but have spent the majority of my life in the USA and the UK. James Hoffman was the first to pique my interest in coffee, as he told fabulous tales of coffee origins and flavors every time I’d get my morning brew from his Square Mile Coffee shop in London

I prefer light roasts made with a Kalita Wave or Clever Dripper, but won’t complain so long as it’s freshly ground coffee. When I’m not writing about coffee, you can find me playing with my kids, hiking or reading books about politics and history.

Salinder Kohli

Lead Developer

I was born in the US to Indian parents. My background is in tech and I’m well versed in a number of different technologies including PHP, React and Angular. I’m also an expert in WordPress, Laravel and Shopify frameworks and enjoy nothing more than solving difficult technological challenges and puzzles. 

I was raised on (very) milky and (very) sweet tea, but have evolved my tastes over time. Now, I’ll drink any type of coffee, though if I could only choose one, I’d take a straight espresso made with a medium roasted, single origin bean. I love the science behind coffee and I often take apart and tinker with my espresso machine in order to refine the quality of my shots.

salinder kohli coffeeble
maggie zhang coffeeble

Maggie Zhang

Creative Manager

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been big into art, creating and design. I’m also mad about coffee, and getting to work on both at the same time is a dream come true. I studied graphic design, UI and UX in college and use a mix of Sketch, Figma and good old-fashioned doodling for the majority of my work.

I’m a night owl and cannot function early in the way without my morning brew. I like low-acidity, darker roasts and use a Breville precision brewer (who doesn’t like their coffee already made when they wake up?). 

Mike James

Sales Mananager

My first ever job was working as a barista in Starbucks. After that, I worked in sales for a number of years, before moving into a commercial role in the digital space. I’m passionate about sustainable living and spend a lot of time growing my own produce in my yard, as well as taking care of our 3 chickens.

When it comes to coffee, I like my roasts on the darker side of medium, and my method of choice is the French press: it’s cheap, easy to use and makes great tasting coffee. 

If you use social media, I’d love to connect on Linkedin or Facebook.

mike james coffeeble
Nadia C

Nadia Charif

Health and Wellness Advisor

My 3 passions in life are health, wellness and coffee. I’m an ANA certified nutritionist and registered dietitian by day, yogi and dog walker by night. 

I start every day the same way: 20 minutes of meditation, followed by my morning moka pot. Once I tick those 2 boxes, I’m ready for everything life can throw at me.

I’m involved in a number of non-profits and care deeply about sustainable practices in the coffee (and other) industries.

About me and

Why I am Convinced I Can Help you

In just a few short years, Coffeeble has grow from some scribbles on a notebook, to a growing site with more than 50,000 readers per month from more than 100 different countries across the globe.

In spite of our early success, we feel that our coffee journey is only beginning. If we were a V60, we’d only be at the blooming phase (pun very much intended).

The team above are the ones who make the magic happen. It is our shared mission to become the leading source of independent, honest and unbiased advice for all things coffee related.

The Coffeeble Story To Date






Early Morning and Late Night Coffees at the BBC

I first discovered my passion for coffee while living in London. Nothing helps to hit a deadline more than a strong cup of joe.

While at the BBC, my coffee tastes changed over time. Initially, anything that kept me caffeinated was more than enough. As I learned more about coffee, I started to try different beans and different brewing methods. These were definitely my formative years in coffee.


Roasting and Toasting

After moving back to the United States, myself and a close friend opened our own boutique roastery in NYC. These years taught me a lot and gave me a new found appreciation for all the small businesses that are out there in the coffee space, as well as other industries.

Running a small business is tough, especially in a city like New York where rents are high and margins low. It was tough going, but those were some of the best working days of my life.



Coffee, Travel and Writing

After our roastery closed it’s doors, I was burnt out from constant overtime and no vacation. Myself and my wife decided to pack our bags and go out on the road.

I picked up a few freelance gigs as a ghostwriter and did some consulting work for small coffee businesses, honing my craft and learning more about the digital marketing side of the coffee industry. This helped to pay our costs as we traveled the world living out of a suitcase. After a number of years on the road and a large number of bucketlist items ticked off, we moved home for the next stage of our journey.


Coffeeble is Formed

After a number of successful experiments in the digital marketing space, I finally gave up my last few freelance writing gigs to take the plunge with Coffeeble full time.

In just a few short years, we’ve grown to a team of 6 people, with our number of visitors and (we hope) happy customers increasing every month.

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