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Who Makes Kirkland Coffee? Is This Costco Brand By Starbucks?

Have you ever drank a cup of Kirkland Coffee and wondered where their beans come from? Surprisingly, the popular house-brand coffee from Costco is actually produced by some of the most well-recognized names in the coffee industry.

In this article we pull back the curtains and reveal the companies behind Kirkland brand coffee.

Key Takeaways

  • Kirkland Coffee is actually produced by Starbucks, Rogers Family Co., Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. and Green Mountain
  • These producers contribute their expertise in coffee production to create Kirkland’s signature products.
  • Kirkland offers a wide range of coffee blends, including medium roast, dark roast, decaf house blend, and espresso blend options.
  • The brand prioritizes sourcing the best beans from reputable suppliers around the world to ensure freshness and flavor consistency.

The Producers of Kirkland Brand Coffee


As one of the leading coffee producers worldwide, Starbucks plays a significant role in producing Kirkland Signature Coffee. This coffee behemoth is one of the best-known brands in the coffee space and are famed for their high quality and diverse range of coffee blends.

Starbucks crafts Kirkland’s Signature Series using some of the finest Arabica beans, which undergo meticulous roasting and packaging processes to retain their rich flavor profile and freshness.

In fact Kirkland’s Signature House Blend Medium Roast, Espresso Blend Dark Roast, and Decaf House Blend Medium Roast are all made by Starbucks. All of them come affixed with a label that says “Custom roasted by Starbucks”.

starbucks kirkland coffee
Several of the Kirkland blends are roasted by Starbucks

The collaboration between Costco’s private label – Kirkland, and Starbucks signifies an unwavering commitment to providing customers with high-quality, affordable coffee options drawn from years of expertise in the industry.

Furthermore, this partnership ensures that every cup embodies the unmistakable taste and aroma that you associate with Starbucks coffee.

Rogers Family Co.

The Rogers Family Co. is another one of the producers behind Kirkland brand coffee. They supply it through their San Francisco Bay Coffee brand. With over 150 years of experience in the industry, Rogers Family Co. is known for its commitment to top notch coffee products.

The San Francisco Bay Coffee company owns 11 of their own farms in Hawaii, Mexico and Panama. As well as their own production, they source their coffee beans from more than 100 sustainable farms around the world to ensure that each batch meets their strict quality standards.

This dedication to sustainable practices can be seen in their packaging as well. Rogers Family Co. utilizes innovative techniques to reduce waste, such as the compostable materials they use for their pods and bags, although this did cause some controversy.

One of the reasons why Kirkland Coffee stands out is because they offer a variety of blends and flavors to cater to different preferences. From their signature house blend medium roast to their smokier, espresso blend dark roast, there’s something to please every coffee drinking palette.

Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc.

Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. is another household name that is responsible for producing Kirkland Coffee. As a leading beverage company, they specialize in manufacturing coffee products and equipment.

Aside from their line of sodas, Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. is best known for their Keurig coffee machines and coffee pods, which are among the best selling coffee makers in the world. They work closely to create some of the Kirkland signature products. Some of their K-cup coffee blends, including the Kirkland signature house blend and espresso blend options are produced by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Kirkland K cups are produced by the Keurig Dr Pepper Inc through their Green Mountain Coffee subsidiary

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is the principal supplier for Kirkland’s Coffee K-Cups and Pods. Each of these capsules is produced by Green Mountain:

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Summit Roast K-Cups
  • Pacific Bold dark roast pods
  • House decaf medium roast

All the coffees used in their K-cup pods are organic and 100% sustainable, making them an attractive choice for consumers who want to support socially responsible brands.

Did you know that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters merged with Keurig in 2006?

Different Varieties of Kirkland Coffee

Kirkland coffee offers a wide range of varieties to suit every coffee lover’s taste. Whether you prefer a light, medium or dark roast, Kirkland has you covered. Their house blend coffee is a popular choice and tastes almost as good as coffee from a local roaster.

If you’re looking for something bolder and richer, their espresso blend might be just what you need. It delivers a strong and robust kick to start your day right.

For those who enjoy the convenience of single-serve coffee pods over whole bean coffee, Kirkland offers an assortment of options compatible with Keurig machines. From classic blends to flavored varieties like French vanilla or hazelnut, there’s something for everyone in their pod collection.

The beans used in their blends are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world, ensuring top-notch freshness and flavor.

Moreover, Kirkland employs rigorous quality assurance measures throughout the production process to maintain consistency and satisfaction among customers.

Is Kirkland Coffee Good?

Kirkland Coffee has gained quite a following among coffee drinkers, and for good reason. The brand takes pride in sourcing some of the top-rated beans from reputable suppliers around the world.

One of the main reasons Kirkland coffee is good is its commitment to consistency and flavor. Each batch is carefully roasted to perfection, ensuring that you get the same satisfying cup of coffee every time.

Not only does Kirkland focus on quality, but they also offer great value for money. As a private label brand under Costco’s umbrella, Kirkland provides competitive pricing without compromising on taste.

So if you’re searching for a reliable coffee option that won’t break the bank, their beans are definitely worth a try. 

Where to Buy Kirkland Coffee

If you’re wondering where to buy Kirkland Coffee, look no further than your nearest Costco warehouse or their online store. Costco sells it as bags of coffee or pure coffee grounds, so there’s an option for everyone, no matter how you brew. By purchasing directly from the source, you can be assured of authentic products and excellent customer service.

In addition to Costco, you may also find Kirkland coffee available for purchase online. Various e-commerce platforms like Amazon often carry Kirkland label products as well. So if you prefer the convenience of shopping from home or simply don’t have a Costco near you, this option allows you to easily order your favorite Kirkland products with just a few clicks. No need to visit your local coffee roasters.

No matter where you choose to buy it from, rest assured that when it comes to quality and affordability, Kirkland has got you covered. Their precise sourcing and high standards ensure that every cup delivers a rich and satisfying experience.

So why wait? Treat yourself to some exceptional brews today!


In conclusion, Kirkland Coffee is made by a combination of reputable producers including Starbucks, Rogers Family Co., and Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. Their expertise in coffee production ensures they offer a range of delicious single origin coffee, blends and pods for all coffee drinkers to enjoy.

So the next time you’re looking for a delicious and affordable cup of Joe, look no further than Costco’s Kirkland brand coffee.


Who makes Kirkland coffee?

Kirkland coffee is a private label brand owned and sold by Costco Wholesale Corporation, an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs.

Where is Kirkland coffee produced?

The production location for Kirkland coffee may vary depending on the specific blend or type of coffee. However, Costco sources its beans from various regions around the world, including Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

What types of coffee does Kirkland offer?

Kirkland offers a wide range of coffees to cater to different preferences. They provide options like whole bean, ground, organic, fair trade certified, single-origin, as well as blends in both regular and decaffeinated varieties.

Is Kirkland coffee considered high-quality?

Many customers find Kirkland coffee to be of good quality and comparable to other popular brands available in the market. The taste and quality can vary depending on individual preferences but overall, it is known for providing value for money without compromising on flavor or freshness.

What real brand is Kirkland coffee?

Kirkland coffee is made by Starbucks, Keurig Dr Pepper and Rogers Family Co. Kirkland coffee ensures the same quality and taste as Starbucks, making it a popular choice for coffee drinkers looking for a more affordable option.

Is Kirkland coffee owned by Starbucks?

No, Kirkland coffee is not owned by Starbucks. Kirkland is a private label brand owned by Costco, while Starbucks is a separate company. However, Costco has a partnership with Starbucks to sell certain Starbucks products, including coffee beans, but Kirkland coffee is produced and sold under its own brand.

Who makes Kirkland Signature Medium Roast Ground coffee?

Kirkland Signature Medium Roast Ground coffee is made by Starbucks. The roast is owned and sold exclusively by Costco Wholesale. This coffee is known for its rich and smooth taste, made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from around the world. 

Is Kirkland coffee good quality?

Kirkland coffee is good quality relative to other coffees sold in grocery stores. The beans are sourced from well-respected farms and are specially roasted for the company. With its affordable price and favorable reviews, is excellent for a grocery store coffee brand.

Who owns the Kirkland brand?

The Kirkland brand is owned by Costco, a popular wholesale retailer. Costco developed the Kirkland brand in 1992 to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to its members. The brand covers a wide range of products including food, household items, and clothing.

Is Kirkland coffee arabica?

Yes, Kirkland coffee is made from arabica beans. Arabica is the most commonly grown and preferred coffee variety due to its superior taste and aroma. Kirkland offers a range of coffee blends and single-origin options, all made from arabica beans sourced from various regions around the world.

Is Kirkland ground coffee any good?

Kirkland ground coffee is good and is known for its flavor. Whether brewed in a traditional coffee maker or a French press, Kirkland ground coffee consistently delivers a satisfying and enjoyable cup of coffee.

Does Green Mountain make Kirkland Coffee?

Green Mountain does make Kirkland coffee. Green Mountain makesthe  Costco Kirkland Signature brand K-Cup packs for the Keurig single-cup brewing system. 

Who makes Kirkland coffee pods?

 Kirkland coffee pods are made by a manufacturer called the San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. This company is known for its sustainable and organic coffee products. 


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