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Kinu M47 Review 2023 – Is This The End Game Hand Grinder?

In the ever-expanding world of hand grinders, options abound, each promising the perfect grind. Amidst this sea of choices, one name consistently generates buzz: the Kinu M47.

With a dedicated following and no shortage of fanfare, it’s been a standout in the specialty coffee community for years. For this Kinu M47 classic review, I got my hands on the latest version and put it through its paces.

Does it still lead the pack in 2023? Read on to find out.

Summary: Kinu M47 Classic

  • Black fusion-treated burrs for extended performance life
  • High-quality steel construction for durability
  • Multiple models to suit various budgets
  • Makes phenomenal espresso
  • Contender for the best hand grinder on the market

Kinu M47 Build Quality and Aesthetics

The Kinu M47 is the epitome of premium craftsmanship in the realm of manual coffee grinders. As soon as you pick it up, the 2.3-pound weight and 8.25″ x 2.75″ x 7.8″ dimensions give you an immediate sense of its heft and durability. Made entirely of stainless steel, including its Black Fusion-treated 47mm conical burrs, the grinder feels like it’s built to last a lifetime. Unlike some hand grinders that feel cheaply built, I find the Kinu M47 looks and feels premium.

It comes with a metal catch cup, a crank arm, and a thumb stop, all designed with a functional aesthetic that leaves no room for frivolities. While it only comes in one color—brushed stainless steel—the monochromatic scheme adds to its sophisticated look.

The hopper and catch cup capacities are tailored for the serious brewer, holding 40-50 grams and up to 35 grams, respectively.

In essence, to me the Kinu M47 feels like the Rolex of manual grinders, and it delivers a performance that justifies every penny of its premium price tag.

Kinu M47 Grind Settings and Adjustment Mechanism

The grind adjustment on the Kinu M47 is external, making it incredibly user-friendly. The “click feel” mechanism, driven by a ball bearing, offers tactile feedback that’s spot-on. With 50 clicks per rotation, the granularity of adjustments is exceptional. Each click corresponds to a 0.01 mm vertical burr movement, allowing for precise grind sizes down to the micron level. The factory alignment is stellar, making the dial-in process easier and more repeatable compared to other grinders.

The adjustment mechanism on the M47 classic grinder is one of my favorites

Grinding speed? Fast. I can complete a full 35-gram dose for filter coffee in under a minute. Finer grinds and lighter roasts do take longer, but a full dose still takes just over a minute.

When it comes to light roasts and finer grind sizes like espresso, the M47 shines. The tight technical tolerances—under 0.02 mm—mean my espresso shots are consistently rich and full-bodied.

However, the Kinu M47 coffee grinder is incredibly versatile. It does a phenomenal job across the entire spectrum of grind sizes from ultra-fine Turkish coffee to extremely coarse cold brew.

These are the Kinu M47 grinder settings that I recommend you use as a starting point when dialing in a new coffee.

  • Turkish – 0.7.0
  • Automatic Espresso – 1.8.0
  • Manual Espresso – 2.2.0
  • Moka Pot – 2.6.0
  • V60 – 3.4.0
  • Delter Coffee Press – 3.6.0
  • Aeropress – 3.8.0
  • Chemex – 4.3.0
  • French Press – 5.0.0
  • Cold Brew – 6.5.0+

Kinu M47 Burrs and Grind Performance

The M47 sports 47mm hexagonal conical burrs treated with their own patented Black Fusion finish for longevity. The grind evenness is remarkable, especially at finer settings. While no grinder achieves 100% uniform particle sizes, the M47 comes close, particularly for espresso grinds. When I dial it down for a Turkish coffee or an espresso, the particle distribution is tight, making my brews rich and complex.

The black fusion finish on the Kinu M47 classic burrs makes the grinder extra durable

For coarser grinds like French press or cold brew, it performs well but slightly less consistently. The particle distribution is broader, but it’s still more than adequate for a clean, flavorful cup.

Kinu M47 Espresso and Pour Over Tasting

No Kinu m47 review would be complete without mentioning the taste of the coffee it produces. The M47 Classic’s grind precision is a game-changer for both traditional and modern espresso styles.

The full-bodied, rich shots it produces are complex yet clear, allowing each tasting note to be distinctly identified. The acidity is perfectly balanced, making for a cup that appeals to a broad range of palates. When it comes to medium-light roasts, this grinder truly shines, delivering espresso that’s both nuanced and broadly appealing.

The particle size uniformity from the M47 is among the best I have seen from a hand grinder

In my opinion the Kinu M47 is the best manual hand grinder for espresso on the market right now.

For pour-over methods, the M47 Classic is no slouch either. While Kinu does offer a specialized pour-over burr set designed to maximize clarity, many — including former World Brewers Cup champions —prefer the stock burrs. They argue that the stock burrs actually offer better performance for pour-overs, delivering a cup that’s not just clean but also complex and flavorful.

Personally, I prefer the pour overs produced by the Comandante C40 grinder. Both grinders produce delicious filter coffee, but for me, the C40 has something a little extra in the cup.

Kinu M47 Models

As well as the classic, the Kinu M47 has a few different variations:

  • Kinu M47 Classic: The original heavyweight with a full steel body. Features the unique “Click Feeling System” for tactile feedback during grind adjustments.
  • Kinu M47 Simplicity: Similar to the Classic but opts for an ABS plastic funnel and grinds catch to cut costs and weight. Lacks the “Click Feeling System.”
  • Kinu M47 Phoenix: The lightweight contender, using ABS plastic for its internal supports and grinds catch. It’s lighter but still delivers on grind quality.
  • Kinu M47 Traveler: Designed for portability, this model has a reduced weight and size but maintains the same burr set and grind quality.

All four models share the same 47mm steel conical burrs, ensuring similar grind quality across the board. They also produce similar tasting coffee.

The key difference is the parts used in each. The classic has the most robust build where as the other models incorporate more plastic parts to reduce their cost. With the traveler model, it is deliberately lightweight to target those that want a grinder that is super portable for travel.

Is The Kinu M47 Grinder Worth It?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. After my rigorous testing, it’s clear that the Kinu M47 still reigns supreme in the manual coffee grinder arena. Its build quality is second to none, and its grind consistency delivers a cup that’s rich in body and complexity, whether you’re pulling an espresso shot or brewing a pour-over.

If you’re in the market for a hand grinder for espresso or as a versatile all-rounder that can do filter coffee too, the M47 is a top-tier choice.


Coffee expert and industry insider, I’ve dedicated years to mastering the art and science of coffee making. From scrutinizing particle fineness to evaluating burr shapes, I delve into the minutiae that elevate coffee from good to exceptional. Whether it’s a complex pour-over or a robust espresso, my insights cater to those who don’t just drink coffee, but experience it.

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