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Which Country Drinks the Most Coffee – Coffee Consumption by Country

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with millions of people relying on its caffeine kick to start their day. But which country drinks the most coffee? In this article, we will look at coffee consumption by country and identify which nation comes out on top.

Key Takeaways

  • Finland consumes the most coffee per capita, with an average of 12 kilograms consumed annually.
  • European countries are the biggest consumers with Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and The Netherlands ranked highly on the list.
  • Cultural preferences, availability and affordability of coffee, and evolving trends in the coffee space all influence the amount that is consumed in different countries.

The Countries That Drink The Most Coffee Per Capita

The countries of Scandinavia are the biggest consumers of coffee in the world. Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are the top 4. The Netherlands rounds out the list of the top 5 coffee-consuming countries in the world. 


Believe it or not, the icy nation of Finland tops the charts when it comes to coffee drinkers. Finns have a deep-seated coffee culture, with cups of Joe being integral to both social interactions and solitary moments.

The average Finn consumes 26.5 lbs (12 kilograms) of coffee per year – that’s nearly double what Americans drink! A typical Finnish day involves several coffee breaks interspersed throughout the workday, as well as at home.

A bustling café on the streets of Helsinki

This love for java isn’t limited by season either; whether braving their snowy winters or basking in midnight summer sun, Finns drink coffee all year round. The only thing Finns love more is their saunas.


Norway is another of the top consumers of coffee in the world. With a population that just can’t seem to get enough of their daily java fix, Norwegians are known for their love affair with coffee.

In fact, Norway consistently ranks among the highest in terms of per capita coffee consumption. This Nordic nation has a strong coffee culture, with social gatherings often centered around enjoying a cup of joe.

Whether it’s savoring a hot mug on a chilly winter day or indulging in an afternoon fika (coffee break), Norwegians coffee culture is alive and well with a huge number of options available throughout the country.


Denmark, a country known for its high quality of life, is also one of the top coffee-consuming nations in the world. With an average annual consumption of over 8 kilograms of coffee per person, it’s clear that Danes take their coffee seriously.

The popularity of coffee culture in Denmark can be attributed to a combination of factors, including cultural preferences and availability. Danish people have a long-standing tradition of enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or colleagues during breaks throughout the day.

Additionally, Denmark boasts numerous specialty coffee shops and cafes where locals can enjoy artisanal brews made from carefully selected beans. So if you ever find yourself in Denmark, make sure to join the locals and indulge in some delicious Danish coffee!


Iceland, a small Nordic island country, may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of coffee. However, Icelanders is a nation of coffee lovers.

With its chilly climate and dark winter days, a love for coffee is an integral part of Icelandic culture. In fact, Iceland ranks among the top coffee-consuming countries in the world.

The availability and popularity of cafes and coffee houses in Reykjavik, the capital city, contribute to this high consumption rate

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its vibrant coffee culture, with a high position among the top 10 countries that drink coffee. In fact, it is considered one of the top coffee-drinking countries in the world.

Coffee plays an integral part in Dutch daily life, whether enjoyed at cozy cafes or brewed at home. The Dutch have a preference for strong and flavorful black coffee, often accompanied by a delicious pastry or cookie.

With their love for quality and variety, it’s no surprise that the Netherlands has earned its spot on the list of countries with the highest amount of coffee drunk per capita.

The Top 10 Countries – Annual Coffee Consumption By Country

While Scandinavians make up the majority of the top 5, European countries dominate the top 10. Canada is the only non-European country to feature among the world’s top 10 consumers.

Country Consumption (lbs per capita) Consumption (kg) Approximate Equivalent in Cups of Coffee
Finland 26.4 12 1440
Norway 21.78 9.9 1188
Iceland 19.8 9 1080
Denmark 19.14 8.7 1044
Netherlands 18.48 8.4 1008
Sweden 18.04 8.2 984
Switzerland 17.38 7.9 948
Belgium 14.96 6.8 816
Luxembourg 14.3 6.5 780
Canada 13.64 6.2 744

Statistics on Coffee In The World

In this section, we will delve into the statistics on each of the top coffee-consuming countries. We compare the data from different nations to get a better understanding of which country is the biggest consumer of coffee, as well as the 

Overall coffee consumption in each country

As mentioned, Finland takes the crown as the top coffee-consuming country, with hundreds of thousands of coffee drinkers and an impressive per capita consumption of over 26.5 pounds each year (1). Following closely behind are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and The Netherlands.

These nations have a popular coffee culture deeply ingrained in their daily lives. It’s fascinating to see how different cultural preferences and availability of quality coffee influence consumption patterns around the world.

Comparison of coffee consumption between countries

Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and The Netherlands are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. These nations have a rich tradition of coffee-drinking and a culture that revolves around it.

A vibrant cafe in Rotterdam where coffee is an integral part of Dutch culture

Per capita coffee consumption is highest in Finland, with an average person consuming around 26.4 pounds (12 kilograms) of coffee per year. Norway closely follows with 21.78 lbs (9.9 kilograms) per person, while Denmark, Iceland, and The Netherlands also boast impressive numbers.

The US sits well down the list with the average coffee drinker having 9.2lbs per year, less than half that of the average Finn.

Which country drinks the least coffee?

The country that drinks the least coffee per day is China. Traditionally, tea has been the preferred beverage in China, with a long-standing cultural significance. Although coffee’s popularity has been rising in recent years (2), the average Chinese person still drinks significantly fewer cups of coffee per day compared than any other nation. 

Other countries with lower consumption are those that have strong historical associations with tea drinking. People living in India, Nepal, Iran and Iraq all drink far less coffee than those in other nations.

Factors Influencing Coffee Consumption

Cultural preferences, availability and affordability of coffee, and coffee industry trends all play a role in influencing the amount of coffee consumed in different countries.

Cultural preferences

Cultural preferences play a significant role in determining consumer patterns across different countries. For instance, in some cultures, coffee is deeply entrenched as a daily ritual and social activity, where as tea is more popular in others.

In these societies, it is not just about drinking coffee at home; it’s about connecting with others over a cup of joe. Take Italy, for example. Coffee holds immense cultural significance there, with the iconic espresso serving as a cornerstone of Italian life (3).

Similarly, in Turkey, their traditional method of brewing coffee called “Turkish coffee” has become an integral part of their culture and hospitality. Understanding these cultural preferences can shed light on why certain countries consume more coffee than others and how it has become ingrained in their way of life.

Availability and affordability of coffee

One of the other factors that greatly influences the amount of coffee that is consumed in different countries is it’s availability and affordability. Unsurprisingly, in countries where coffee is readily available and affordable, people tend to consume more of it.

For example, the country on top of the pile – Finland – known for its high number of coffee drinkers, has a strong café culture with numerous coffee shops and a wide range of affordable options from filter coffee and drip coffee in coffee bars, to ground coffee and instant at supermarkets and grocery stores. Similarly, in countries like Canada, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK, where coffee chains are abundant, the demand for coffee remains consistently high.

The convenience and affordability factor plays a significant role in shaping people’s coffee drinking habits around the world.

Trends In The Consumption Of Coffee Per Capita Per Year

The trends vary greatly from country to country. Many of the highest coffee consuming nations have a long-standing culture, while others are experiencing a surge in popularity for the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage.

In recent years, there has been an overall increase in global coffee intake as a result of changing habits, increasing accessibility of specialty coffees, and the growing influence of coffee shop culture. The majority of western countries have thousands of coffee houses, coffee bars and specialty coffee shops spread throughout their cities and towns. It’s of little surprise that coffee is so popular with the multitude of options at their disposal.

This trend is not limited to any specific region but can be observed worldwide. Even developing nations such as India and China drink a lot of coffee compared to 20 years ago. As more people continue to discover and appreciate the various flavors and brewing methods available, it’s likely that annual consumption will continue to rise in the coming years.

A World of Coffee

The growth in coffee consumption is truly a global phenomenon. Coffee has become a staple beverage in many countries around the world. From the bustling cafes of Europe to the street-side vendors in Asia, coffee is enjoyed by millions of people every day.

As coffee continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer demands, it is likely that its popularity will continue to soar across the globe. 

Finland consumers more coffee than any other country with their Scandinavian neighbors – Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, taking up 5 of the top 6 spots. The United States doesn’t even make the top 10.

Regardless of which country tops the list, it’s clear that coffee is truly a global passion enjoyed by people all around the world.


Which country consumes the most coffee in the world?

Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the world, with an average of 26lbs per person each year. This is approximately 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. The Finnish culture revolves around coffee, with a strong tradition of inviting friends and family for coffee breaks known as “kahvila”. 

Which states drink the most coffee?

The states that drink the most coffee per capita are Oregon, Washington, and California. These states have a strong coffee culture and a high number of specialty coffee shops. On the other hand, states in the Midwest and South don’t tend to drink as much coffee. 

Which US city drinks the most coffee?

Seattle, Washington is the US city that drinks the most coffee. With its rainy weather and bustling coffee culture, Seattle is home to numerous coffee shops and roasters. The city’s love for coffee beans is evident in its thriving coffee scene and the high number of coffee houses per capita. 

What are the top 10 coffee consuming countries?

The top 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption per capita are Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Canada. The popularity of coffee in the countries on this list is down to climate, culture, and availability of good coffee. 

What demographic drinks the most coffee?

In terms of demographics, adults between the ages of 25 to 54 tend to drink the most coffee overall. This age range is typically associated with busy professionals and individuals working full-time jobs, who rely on coffee for an energy boost and increased productivity throughout the day.  

What country drinks the most instant coffee?

Brazil is the country that consumes the most instant coffee, with a preference for its convenience and quick preparation. The fast-paced lifestyle of Brazilians has contributed to the popularity of instant coffee, making it a staple in Brazilian households and workplaces. 


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