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Do you have a question about coffee? If you do, you can ask me anything. Simply drop me a line with your questions or if about your experience at If you don’t get an answer right away, I might just be outside in the backyard and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I do my best to get back to every email.

Unfortunately, as Coffeeble has grown into the industry leading site it is today, so has the number of spam enquiries.

Do Not Contact Us For the Following Reasons

  • You want to buy, sell or trade guest posts. We have a talented writing team that puts more than 20 hours into every single post we write. We’re sure you have great writers, but we are not looking for content from outside contributors.
  • You are buying or selling backlinking services. We don’t purchase paid postings, nor do we sell them. We’re thrilled that you or your client want to be featured on Coffeeble, but all our links are editorially given and are not for sale, regardless of the amount of money you offer.
  • You created a post that you think is amazing and want us to link to it. We love reading new content and we’re happy that more people are getting involved in the coffee industry. However, we have a strict publishing schedule and editorial guidelines. This backlinking scheme is one we have been pitched hundreds of times. Save all of us the time and don’t bother requesting it.

Please Do Contact Us If You

  • Are launching a new product and would like us to try it out. The whole Coffeeble team is made up of coffee nerds. We love trying new coffees, gadgets, machines and accessories. While we can’t promise a review or promotion, we’ll be happy to try your product out and provide some honest feedback.
  • You have feedback on our content or product reviews. Have they helped you? Do you disagree with us? Have you found a better product? If you tick any of those boxes, get in touch.

Postal Address: 1162 SE Clay St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Phone: 213-289-0972

Email: thomas[at]

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