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Gifts for Coffee Lovers: 61 ideas that will Put A Smile On Every Caffeine Addicts Face

There are two kinds of people in the world: coffee lovers and friends of coffee lovers.

If you are one of the latter you’re in luck, because you have found the comprehensive list of 59 gifts for coffee lovers. These unique finds are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most hard-to-shop-for coffee aficionado.

No more generic coffee gift sets from the local department store. So browse through these java gems and get ready to get all of your gift shopping done in one place for every coffee lover on your list:


Coffee Accessories And Gadgets

#1 Coffee Bean Spoons

coffee spoons

This set of 4 demitasse coffee bean spoons calls to mind Old-World charm and elegance. They are designed to hold just the right amount of coffee beans to grind for a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Display them as the unique treasures they are or enjoy them with your favorite roast beans. Each spoon is specially treated to prevent oxidation or other deterioration.

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#2 Coffee Measuring Cups And Bag Clips

coffee measuring cups

Coffee-related gifts just don’t get any better than this: the scoop itself is actually made out of coffee!

It is “printed” using 3D technology, utilizing a printing filament made from coffee by-products. The scoop also doubles as a bag clip to keep coffee sealed securely in the bag for freshness.

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#3 Hario Manual Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Hario ceramic manual coffee grinder

This ceramic manual burr coffee grinder works quickly and easily with the crank of the handle, delivering perfectly ground fresh coffee every time.

Choose your grind from coarse to extra-fine. This little gem provides uniform grinding consistency to give you more flavor in every cup. You can also throw in an airtight coffee storage container to keep your friend’s beans as fresh as possible.

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#4 Aerolatte® Mooo

aerolatte mooo steam wand

By the way, it is also perfect for scrambling eggs, but – viva la coffee!

This charming little hand-held milk frother (see our other favorites) features a cute cow motif and turns milk into steamy, foamy perfection for your cappuccino, hot cocoa, or other milk based coffee drinks, in minutes.

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#5 Hario V60 Electric Coffee Grinder

Hario electric coffee grinder

This handy electric grinder actually grinds your coffee directly into your pour over dripper, preferably the Hario V60, of course. It features over 50 different grind settings for all of your favorite brews, from coarse for your coffee pot to fine for espresso.

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#6 Hyperchiller

coffee hyperchiller

The Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker turns your favorite hot coffee into delicious, refreshing iced coffee in under 2 minutes! And the best part is that it works automatically, without having your coffee diluted by adding ice cubes. You’ll be ready to enjoy your full-flavored iced coffee in no time flat.


#7 Cool Coffee Ice Tray

cool beans coffee ice tray

This fun ice cube tray creates ice cubes shaped like coffee beans. Fill the tray with brewed coffee, freeze, and voila! You have the perfect cubes to cool down your coffee without watering it down.

These cubes are great for giving your coffee even more delicious flavor as they melt.

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#8 ROK Coffee Grinder

ROK Coffee Grinder

Get the perfect grind size for your drip coffee, French Press, or espresso simply by adjusting the dial wheel. And best of all, you’re operating the handle in a circular up and down motion and not like most grinder from left to right. This is way easier for your hand and arm to handle.

This manual coffee grinder makes it easy to prepare your favorite grind just the way you need it.

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#9 Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer 

norpro decorative coffee cup warmer

This convenient, single-cup coffee mug warmer keeps your coffee hot without the need for constant re-heating.

It’s attractive finish gives the impression of patterned ceramic. It is small enough to use anywhere, on the go or around the house. No more wasted cups of cold coffee.

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#10 Turkish Ibrik Coffee Maker

Rose Gold Turkish Ibrik

Beautifully handcrafted from copper and featuring a lovely engraved design, this ibrik coffee pot will make an outstanding gift for any coffee aficionado.

For the coffee connoisseur who has a taste for the exotic taste of a rich Turkish brew, this coffee maker is ideal.

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Homemade Coffee Gifts

#11 Necklace

coffee locket necklace

What could be more charming and cherished than a handmade gift that is created especially with the coffee lover in your list in mind?

This unique piece is made using fresh coffee beans and a clear locket.

It will bring a smile to the face of the wearer with every glance and compliment, and with the occasional wonderful whiff of the aromatic coffee beans!

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#12 Coffee Emergency Picture

in case of emerency coffee picture

This whimsical gift will find a place on any coffee lover’s wall – possibly right above the coffee pot!

A collection of coffee beans encased in glass ready and waiting for just the right moment to be put to good use. This way, the coffee fanatic in your life will never be without the object of their obsession.

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#13 Coffee Lovers Survival Kit

Coffee lover survival kit

The perfect all-in-one gift!

This basket includes K-cups to brew up hot, delicious coffee, a Mason jar filled with homemade maple-vanilla syrup made especially to add a pop of natural flavor to your coffee, and a small tin of scrumptious Biscotti. The coffee lover in your life will cherish this gift – and the giver!

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#14 Felt Fox Coffee Sleeves

felt fox coffee sleeves

This darling hand-stitched fox coffee cozy is the perfect DIY-gift for your child’s teacher, the mail man, the bus driver, or yourself!

These little critters are a great way to get a comfy grip on your to-go brew from your favorite shop! Simple and fun to make, you can gift one to every coffee lover on your list.

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#15 Coffee Bean Resin Coasters

coffee bean coasters

Practical and a great conversation piece, they put delicious coffee beans on display on a bright bed of sparkling glitter. The recipient of this gift will be amazed that you took soooo much time to create such a beautiful and thoughtful gift just for them! (Shhh!)

These eye-catching coffee coasters look much more difficult to make than they are!

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#16 His + Hers Coffee Gift Basket

his and hers coffee gift basket

Since the giver is the one who puts together the basket, it’s easy to choose exactly what the recipients will love: a coffee mug for each, a few single-pot packets of gourmet coffees, a small box of chocolates to enjoy alongside the hot coffee, and a few peppermint sticks and cinnamon sticks for stirring.

A gift with a personal touch, this couples’ gift basket comes complete with everything needed for the two of you to relax and enjoy a steaming mug of great coffee.

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Coffee Gear

#17 French Press Bundle

french press bundle with scoop, spoon and filters

This coffee press doubles as a tea maker and comes complete with a set of 4 filter screens, a sugar/honey spoon, coffee/tea scoop, and a list of the top secrets used by coffee Baristas to brew up a cup of magic.

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#18 Bruer Cold Brew Coffee Maker

bruer slow cold brew coffee maker

The unrrushed filtering process allows all the flavor of the grind to be extracted and deposited in the cup, so your coffee lover will have an enjoyable cup of cold brew coffee with no hassle.

This cold brew coffee maker works by slowly filtering cold water through fresh ground coffee to create a refreshing, flavorful drink – no heat or electricity required.

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#19 ROK Espresso Maker

rok espresso machine

The milk frother, dual measuring spoon/tamper, and generously-sized portafilter make for a complete gourmet espresso experience, producing the exact brew that will bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient of this gift! Comes complete with brewing instructions.

This manual espresso maker comes in a beautiful and handy gift tin.

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#20 Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Press

Aerobie Aeropress with Glass

This coffee maker entertains as it prepares and delights with the finished product!

The AeroPress Coffee Maker promises to deliver “the best cup of coffee you will ever taste”, and the coffee lover on your gift list is very likely to agree after just one sip of this pure, strong brew!

More Information

#21 Uni Terra Nomad Manual Espresso Machine

uni terra nomad espresso maker

It is manually operated so no electricity, batteries, or gas cartridges are needed. The recipient of this gift will think of you every time he or she enjoys great espresso while camping, tailgating, on a road trip, anywhere!

A truly unique espresso machine, this model is small and portable, easy to use anywhere.

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#22 Pulcina Stove Top Coffee Percolator

Godmorn Pulcina Stovetop Coffee Maker

This stovetop percolator is unlike any you have ever seen, and will thrill the coffee lover on your gift list!

Designed by an Italian architect and created to halt filtering at just the right moment in order to bring out the premium coffee flavor, this percolator is a delight to the eye as well as the taste buds.

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#23 Nespresso Vertuoline Single Serve Espresso Maker

nespresso vertuo espresso maker

This crossover machine will provide the recipient with both American coffee and true Italian espresso.

It is as easy to use as it is to look at. A Nespresso capsule is placed in the machine and it’s bar code is automatically scanned, then a custom-brewed cup of espresso is created in minutes.

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Fashion And Home

#24 Coffee Earrings

Coffee bean earrings

These adorable handmade silver earrings will delight the lady coffee lovers on your gift-giving list.

Crafted from silver and subtly polished for a natural finish, these pierced earrings are lightweight and easy to wear even for the most delicate lobes. No two pairs are created to have the same appearance, just like real coffee beans.

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#25 Coffee Tote Bag

send coffee tote bag

Everyone needs a tote bag, and this one is just too cute for words – unless those words are “Send Coffee”!

That is the message printed on this heavyweight, natural cotton tote bag. The coffee lover in your life can use it as a beach bag, an overnight bag, or to carry their favorite coffee-making items wherever they go!

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#26 Coffee Infused Body Wash

Java coffee infused body wash

For the truly die-hard coffee fan on your list, this is a gift so truly unique, we guarantee you that they haven’t even thought of getting it for themselves!

Java Body Wash is a skin-friendly blend of green coffee extract, artisan roasted, java, and Almond Oil. It’s fragrance is sweet almond blended with rich roasted coffee bean. Delish!

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#27 Netflix And Coffee Shirt

netflix and coffee shirt

Why ‘Netflix and Chill’ when you can Netflix and brew in this great tshirt? Who knows?

With a shirt this sweet that Netflix and Coffee just might turn into Netflix and Chill, and the coffee-lover recipient of this gift will have you to thank for it!

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#28 Coffee Pajamas

cafepress pajamas no talkie til coffee

Even the most avid coffee drinker has to sleep sometime, and these comfy pajamas will help the lady coffee lovers on your gift list to drift off with a smile.

Designed with a light-hearted warning, “No Talkie Until After Coffee”, these pajamas make a perfect gift for any occasion, or no occasion at all!

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#29 Coffee Beanie

dollskill coffee beanie

Give them a gift that will let everyone know that the recipient has coffee on the brain! This classic beanie is stylish and functional, with a fun edge! Unisex design allows it to be enjoyed by all the coffee lovers on your gift list.

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#30 Coffee Socks

coffee socks

For the strong, silent type on your gift list who still wants to express his love of coffee, these coffee socks are the perfect combination of low-key and outrageous! Give these gift socks and give your coffee lover’s feet a java treat!

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#31 Coffee Towel

coffee towel

A bold, graphic kitchen towel that will let everyone know just how much the recipient loves their coffee. They can learn all about their favorite hot drink as they read about all things coffee on this decorative towel.

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Gift Sets And Gift Baskets

#32 Air Roasting Starter Kit

sweet marias air roasting starter kit

This Air Roaster Starting Kit has it all to start the first home roasting experience. Included is the roaster, of course, green coffee bean samples, valve bags for storage, and a roast log to record settings to get closer to the perfect roast!

This kit is a perfect choice for that true coffee aficionado who wants to roast his own coffee beans.

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#33 Intelligentsia Pour Over Gift Box

Intelligentsia pour over gift box

This gift set comes complete with everything necessary for the recipient to brew a steaming cup of amazing House Blend coffee right away: a Hario V60 dripper, 40 filters, a custom Intelligentsia coffee mug, and a .75 lb. bag of coffee.

#34 On The Go Coffee Gift Basket

on-the-go coffee gift basket

This incredible gift basket has it all! When you present the coffee lover on your list with this basket you will make their java dreams come true!

It comes with Turtle Sundae and French Vanilla flavored coffees, Wolfgang Puck coffee, a cappucino drink blend, Marich Chocolate Mint Chip Maltballs, Dolcetto Chocolate Creme-Filled Wafer Rolls, Walkers shortbread cookies, and a collection of Around The World in Twelve Coffees.

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#35 Bluebottle Timbuk2 Sabbatical Travel Kit

bluebottle coffee travel kit

This gift kit is designed especially for brewing coffee on the go, whether camping, boating, or road-tripping. Comes complete with an attractive and roomy leather and canvas bag for storage.

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#36 Ultimate Manual Coffee Home Brewing Kit

ultimate home manual coffee brewing kit

This home brewing coffee collection features everything necessary to create relaxing, refreshing Barista-style coffee right in the comfort of your own home.

Included are the Chemex Pour-Over Brewer, the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, and a nice gooseneck kettle from Bonavita.  Additionally the kit includes the Able Kone reusable filter and a digital scale for exact measuring of coffee and water.

Your coffee lover will think of you with a smile with every sip of fresh, satisfying coffee.

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#37 Home Barista Class (In Any City)

clive coffee barista training class

Give the gift of class! A Home Barista how-to coffee brewing class, that is!

Reserve the coffee fan on your gift list a spot in a brewing class in their city and soon they will be creating works of coffee art with the best of ’em!

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#38 That’s Caring Gift Box (And The Cause)

Cookie coffee gift box

This is a gift within a gift because with every gift box that is sold, a donation is made to provide a Weekend Bag to a child in need.

These bags contain non-perishable food items suited to provide nourishment for a child throughout the weekend, when he or she will not be receiving meals at school. The gift box itself is a treasure trove of gourmet cookies and Starbucks coffees.

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Gourmet Coffee And Candy

#39 Beangenius Gourmet Coffee Subscription

Remind the coffee lover on your list just how special they are over and over again with a monthly delivery of delicious coffees chosen just for them! You choose the number of months, and their delicious gift will arrive right on time every month!

An online coffee subscription is always a great gift!​

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#40 Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Subscription

bizzy cold brew coffee concentrate

Each bottle of Cold Brew Coffee makes 6 cups of delicious cold coffee and delivers a burst of energy with 3x more caffeine than traditional coffees! It can be enjoyed hot or cold. Perfect for the coffee lover who enjoys variety.

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#41 Sudden Gourmet Instant Coffee Tubes

sudden coffee instant coffee tubes

This gift comes in the form of a monthly delivery of delicious individual servings of instant coffee. You can choose to gift your coffeeholic with 8 to 32 cups of coffee per month, reminding them with each cup just how much they are loved!

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#42 Javazen Coffee And Tea Blend Infused With Super Foods

javazen pumpkin spice coffee tea blend

Give your coffee lover a gift that shows you care with a flavorful coffee blend that is also infused with healthy “superfoods” for those who like to follow a clean diet. All the wonderful taste of fresh-brewed coffees with added health benefits, all in one great gift!

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#43 Chocolate Covered Mocha Beans

chocolate covered espresso beans

A delicious alternative to the usual coffee gift, these mocha beans will thrill the coffee lover on your list. Hand-created in rich, creamy dark chocolate, these coffee bean-shaped candies deliver the best of both flavorful worlds.

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#44 Bean Box World Coffee Tour Box

Bean Box Coffee Delivery

This gift box contains coffee packets from the top coffee-producing regions from around the world. The box comes complete with brewing instructions, tasting notes, and decadent artisan chocolates.

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Mugs And Cups

#45 Coffee Magiccups

coffee magic cup

Your coffee lover will thank you time and time again for this miracle cup that makes spilling their precious coffee virtually impossible! Whether in a car, on a train, a boat, or with a case of the clumsies, coffee is safely sealed in this insulated cup, safe and ready to enjoy!

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#46 Hipsta Kitty Mug

hipsta kitty mug

Coffee lovers and cat lovers go hand-in-hand, so for those on your gift list who are cross-addicted this classy kitty coffee mug is just the thing. Coffee will taste even better and be more enjoyable when it’s served up in this nice-sized mug featuring a furry friend for company.

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#47 Build-On Brick Coffee Mug

Build on Brick Mug

Your coffee lover will be in the throes of delight at the sight of this creative coffee mug, which is either the most NSFW mug we’ve ever seen or the exact opposite! The extra-large mug is designed to work with most types of small building blocks, so coffee drinkers can have a bit of creative fun as they sip their favorite brew.

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#48 Coffee Poop Mug

coffee poop mug

This whimsical ceramic mug manes a fun gift for your coffee lover who has a sense of humor. The writing on the mug makes it clear when it is safe to approach and speak, and when “other matters” must be seen to!

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#49 Coffee Owl Mug

owl coffee mug

This adorable owl coffee mug will win over the most die-hard coffee hater! This cute face peer from the front of these generously-sized mug. Coffee is guaranteed to taste even better when it is shared with this hand-washable darling.

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#50 Marbled Coffee Tumbler Set

coffee tumbler set

This elegant pair of stonewall coffee tumblers have the appearance of genuine marble. Fine veins of variegated rich browns, tans, and golds swirl together with creamy beige shades to create a gift that any coffee lover will be proud to receive and display.

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#51 Thermic Coffee Cups

Luigi Bormioli Coffee Cup

A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys sharing a great cup of coffee with a loved one. The borosilicate glass is durable and stays cool on the outside.

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Coffee Documentaries, Movies And Art

#52 Coffee Gives Me Superpowers – Book

coffee gives me superpowers book

This is a fun, entertaining book for everyone, coffee lover or not! The subject is, of course, all things coffee, so the java fan on your gift-giving list can look forward to hours of entertainment and then share it around among friends!

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#53 Coffee Poster – 30 Coffee Recipes

30 coffee recipes poster

A work of art any coffee aficionado will love – complete with recipes to create more than a dozen delicious coffee drinks. This poster is printed on premium matte-finish paper and is ready for framing.

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#54 Brew Better Coffee At Home – Book

book brew better coffee at home

This comprehensive book is a guide for anyone preparing to purchase the perfect coffee, coffee maker, and accessories (like these), or to upgrade their existing brewing equipment. A perfect gift for the person who is just discovering the wonderful world of coffee.

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#55 Black Gold Coffee Documentary – DVD

movie black gold

An entertaining and informative movie for anyone, but especially for the coffee aficionado on your gift list. ‘Black Gold’ reveals all of the secrets regarding the production of coffee from bean to brew and the industry behind it all.

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#56 The Birth Of Coffee – Book

movie birth of coffee

This book explores our love affair with coffee – the steamy liquid, the heavenly aroma, and how we have suddenly become a society of coffee snobs. The coffee fan in your life will love this excellent read.

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#57 Coffee Wall Art

coffee wall art

This eclectic wall decal covers all the coffee bases – java, espresso, French roast – all the good stuff in an understated yet eye-catching wall decoration. It will look great next to a counter chock full of coffee condiments.

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#58 The Design Of Coffee: An Engineering Approach – Book

book the design of coffee

This book takes a look at the technical aspects of creating coffee.

Roasting and brewing techniques are compared and discussed in detail, as well as exactly how and why different elements affect the end results of the different brews of coffee. The perfect gift for the more scientifically-minded coffee fan in your life.

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#59 Coffee Contraption Canvas

Chemex Coffee Canvas
Espresso Machine Coffee Canvas
Moka Pot Coffee Canvas
Siphon Coffee Canvas

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These 4 different artistic prints will brighten up the wall of any java enthusiast’s home.

The first print depicts the Chemex coffee brewer; the second print shows the popular Atomic espresso machine; the third print,k the classic Moka brewing pot, and the fourth print, the vacuum brewer. Give one or more to create a unique centerpiece in any room.

#59+1 Espresso Drinks Scratch-Off Poster

coffee poster

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Unique scratch-off poster containing 30 variations of espresso-based coffee drinks.

Individual ratios of ingredients are hidden under a silver or golden scratch-off layer, which after scratching off reveals the secret of preparation. I don’t know you, but I haven’t seen anything like this before so if you need a unique gift, here it is!


Have you had fun learning about all the different and unique coffee gifts out there? Would you have ever thought there could possible be so many?

How awesome is it to have such a diverse list to choose from? You can easily find a gift for every coffee lover in your life in one convenient place. Please feel free to share this list if you have enjoyed it, and please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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