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Essential Coffee Accessories For Home Baristas

In the past, you’ll only need a grinder, a kettle, and a filter to make coffee. But when coffee making became the culture we know today, the desire to brew great coffee has become beyond just grinding and brewing. Aside from the finest coffee makers or grinders, we can now use accessories and gadgets to further refine our coffee-making experience.

Froth your milk with the best milk frothers. Sift your coffee according to their grind size. Make great-tasting pour over coffee with the help of the finest gooseneck kettles and the most accurate coffee scales.

See our posts below and discover our selections of the best coffee-making accessories that can help level up your home coffee brewing experience.

Milk Frothers

6 Best Milk Frothers (Handheld, Automatic, etc.)

Now, let’s bust a few myths about the world of milk frothing.  You need an expensive machine to froth milk correctly. Wrong! Remember, the best milk frothers (or even the best coffee makers) are not necessarily the priciest. While most espresso machines come with a steam wand to steam and froth milk, you can buy a

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Gooseneck Kettles

7 Best Gooseneck Kettles for Pour Over Coffee

How to Choose the Right Gooseneck Coffee Kettle Making pour-over coffee is a little more nuanced than dumping water over coffee grounds (1). Many variables affect the even extraction of flavor and it’s crucial to have control over those variables. That control is nested partly in the pour over dripper and coffee scale, but mostly

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a container with coffee beans on a coffee scale

7 Best Coffee Scales: Reviews and Buying Guide

A coffee scale is a gadget you might easily forget about. However, it’s as important as any other piece of gear. Regardless of your preferred brew style, guesstimating the amount of coffee beans won’t yield a consistently perfect cup of coffee. But what makes a great coffee scale? Are there any key features you should

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Coffee Canister and Storage Containers

7 Best Coffee Canister and Storage Containers

While you may have bought the best coffee on the market, if you store it in a low-quality or makeshift container, it will be stale long before you can use it all. Stale coffee has an unpleasant, sharply bitter taste. Definitely not the flavorful experience you were hoping for! Though many people are under the

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