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About Me

Hello everyone, I am Thomas. I think I can consider myself a long-term coffee addict. Without my daily dose of fresh Java, I just cannot function.

It’s simple: I’m here to help you make smarter decisions about coffee!

Enough About Me. What About You?

Yes, I want to talk about you. Not me, you! I want to know you, the person that looks for a coffee maker. At least, I think you do because my website is about coffee machines and reviews.

You have probably experienced when doing your research, that every product claims to be the best of the best.

But we all know how many lemons are out there.

Why are you actually looking for a new coffee machine? Did your old one break? Are you disappoint with yours? Or do you just want something new and different?

Whatever your reason is, you should be vigilant!

Because manufacturers spend billions of dollars for research to tell you what you want to hear, as long as you are buying it. I wish they would spend half of the money in training their customer support crew.

When you call them why your coffee maker is leaking, they don’t even know and probably stick to their instruction booklet and start with “have you unplugged and plugged it back in?” routine and keep going until you give up.

So I rather get a good product in the first place and never have to call their service hotline.

And so do you, don’t you?

About me and why I am convinced I can help you

I am from the beautiful state of Bavaria, Germany where I lived for almost 30 years before I emigrated to the United States.

Since 2011, I live in the sunny desert of Arizona with my wife and my two kids.

In Germany, I used to work for a big electronic store like Best Buy here in the States.

I sold almost everything: Laptops, cameras, TVs, but also tools and small home appliances like water cookers, mixers and of course coffee machines.

Every other week we got new coffee makers that I had to get familiar with quickly. Customers like you are very smart and know after a few questions if I did my homework or not.

With 10 years of experience, I can say that I am able to recommend you the reliable products.

And I want you to leave the ‘lemon’ at the store!

Because I want to help you making a buying decision, you will not regret at a later date.

What’s in for me?

If I told you my one and only reason is for charity’s sake, would yo believe me?

Probably not!

So why not being honest right away, right?

My product reviews link to online stores, mostly Amazon (more info in the Disclaimer).

If you click on one of those links I receive a small commission.

Of course, there are no additional charges for you!

And I want to emphasize: I would not link to any product or service that I am not convinced of or would not purchase myself!

Have fun

I hope you enjoy broaden your horizon at my website and thank you for stopping by.

If you ever need any advice or support or if you just have a question about the beautiful country Germany, I would be more than happy to get in touch with you.

Simply leave a comment below or contact me via my social networks.

I am going to upload new topics and information on a regular basis so make sure to bookmark my website.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

    • Hi Dick

      well, as I wrote in my USA made coffee maker post, you don’t have so many choices.
      Manufactured in USA are the Bunns which are really good coffee makers. I like them with Thermal Carafe so I would choose the 10 Cup Velocity Brew BT.

  1. Excellent article! Can you do an update for 2019?
    I’m looking for a MiUSA cold brew stainless filter that fits a 2 qt mason jar. Do you know of any?




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