Nitro Coffee – Get It On Tap Not From The Pot

Nitro Coffee – Get It On Tap Not From The Pot

So what’s all the fuss about nitro coffee recently? Watch this video and get a first impression.

How does it look like?

Do you not want to jump in your car and try this nitrogen infused coffee yourself right now?

But wait, give me a chance to explain, what this foamy bubbly drink actually is.

Nitro Coffee – Cold Brew That Looks Like Beer

Imagine that you get into a bar and order a Guinness beer. You watch the bartender taking a glass, walking to the tap and filling the glass to the rim.

“Enjoy!” is the last thing you’ve heard from him before he serves another guest!

Forget the keg of Guinness under the counter and replace it with cold coffee!

Yes, you heard me right! There is cold brewed coffee in the keg now!

But it’s been infused with nitrogen gas to create this bubbly effect you have seen in the video before.

And the result?

A creamy but also crispy, a full bodied but also sweet cold brewed coffee with a hint of tingling in your mouth!

Don’t expect to get milk, sugar or the glass filled with ice with your nitro cold brew coffee because you are supposed to drink it black.

And check your heart beat!

Cold Brew’s coffee to water ratio is usually higher than regular coffee. Furthermore, it is assumed that nitrogen could lead to a faster caffeine absorption.

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Who Serves Nitro Coffee In Your City?

Click on the name of the coffee shop to be transferred directly to their website so you can find your closest location.

While I carefully searched all menus online, it is impossible for me to monitor the shops when they stop offering nitro coffee. If you happen to be at a shop and they do not serve nitro coffee anymore, I would appreciate it if you could send me a hint in the comments below!

And of course, the list is not complete, so don’t be encouraged if you can’t find your city!

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee In The Can – For Couch Potatoes

Now you can enjoy nitrogen infused coffee everywhere, anytime!

So tell me, have you experienced the bubbly, tickling sensation of nitro coffee? Let me know in the comments below!

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