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Oxo On 9 Cup Coffee Maker Full Review


OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker
  • Foolproof – One Button For All Settings
  • Wide Shower head – Full saturation of coffee grounds for maximum contact of grinds with water
  • Automatic Pour-Over – Mimics manual pour-over for better coffee extraction
  • SCAA Certified – Passed all tests to serve you five-star coffee
  • 2 Years Warranty – No risk now, no risk later!
  • Size – Too big for very small kitchen
  • Longer Brew Time – Pour-Over increases total brew time
  • Thermal Carafe – Coffee stays only hot for about 90-120 minutes
“This is worth the money. Its the best drip filter coffee maker I’ve owned. It looks good, is easy to clean, and easy to use.” – J. A. Quayle

The Oxo On Barista Brain coffee maker does all the thinking for you.

Does it seem like no matter what kind of coffee you buy you just can’t brew a cup of coffee as good as your local barista can? Premium quality gourmet coffee is just one part of brewing the perfect cup of joe at home.

There is a true science to the art of brewing! And it’s up to your coffee maker to provide the right temperature and amount of water to bring out the full potential of whatever you’re brewing.

The OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker was developed with innovative technologies to create optimal conditions to maximize the aroma and flavors of the best gourmet coffees.

As you’ll see from this OXO Barista Brain Drip Coffee Maker review, the model boasts many impressive features that you just won’t find in other coffee makers. Even those that are in the same price range.

The OXO Barista Brain – So Advanced, It’s Actually Simple

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

Many coffee aficionados swear by the pour-over brewing method. The slow and steady exposure to the heated water can bring out the full aroma and flavor profiles of coffees.

Coffeeble says: OXO On Barista Brain – a combination of manual pour-over and automatic drip.

If you’ve ever tried pour-over brewing, though, you know that it’s time-consuming. So it’s just not a practical option for someone who wants to brew up a quick pot of coffee. It should be easy, especially in the morning before work or after dinner with dessert.

The OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker is all that combined in one machine!

An automatic drip coffee maker with a simulated manual pour-over brewing method.

A microprocessor called the Barista’s Brain (by OXO) controls the brew cycle and mimics this pour-over brewing method.

At the same time, the ‘Brain’ continuously checks the temperature of the water. If necessary, it makes minor adjustments throughout brewing to keep heat levels at optimal levels.

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

A wide rainmaker showerhead is designed to saturate all coffee grounds for a perfect flavor extraction. Another reason why your coffee tastes so damn good with the OXO coffee maker.

The showerhead also dispenses the water into the brew basket in timed cycles. At the start of the brew cycle, the model initiates a pre-infusion cycle or also called bloom. This short cycle triggers the release of CO² in fresh coffee beans. It also supports flavor extraction and thus, activates the unique blend of notes present in the beans.

The microprocessor monitors the length of the brew cycle. This guarantees a perfect timing for the coffee grounds to be exposed to the hot water.

The brew cycle of this coffee maker does allow it to brew a cup of coffee that can rival that of what you can enjoy with a handcrafted pour-over cup of coffee.

It’s important to note that it does take this coffee maker a little longer to brew compared to other models. This is because the cycle starts and stops several times to maintain ideal water volume inside of the brew basket.

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SCAA Certified – Quality That’s Guaranteed

SCAA Certified Coffee Maker Logo

Another unique feature of the OXO coffee maker is that it is SCAA certified. The SCAA or Specialty Coffee Association of America is a nonprofit group that develops standards for coffee makers. It provides certifications only to models that meet their requirements.

Because the OXO 9-cup Coffee Maker is SCAA approved, you can be confident that it provides you with a great cup of coffee.

Coffeeble says: Every sip of coffee tastes the same thanks to the internal mixing tube inside the carafe. It blends the coffee while it’s brewing.

Precise water temperature control over the brewing cycle is mandatory to reach this good tasting coffee. The OXO Coffee Maker is designed to brew coffee at temperatures between 197.6 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The finished brew drips into an insulated stainless steel carafe that is designed to hold coffee at the right temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it.

According to reports, the thermal carafe will keep the brewed coffee hot. But it does not keep it at an optimal temperature for as long as some competitors like the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT-741 the Brazen Plus by Behmor.

If you typically finish a pot of coffee within 2 hours of brewing, the thermal carafe of the OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker will likely meet your needs.

Yet, if you tend to come back to the pot over the course of many hours, you may need to reheat your coffee in the microwave.

The LED Interface – It Couldn’t Be Easier

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

The OXO Barista Brain is designed to make home brewing as easy as possible. The model features an LED interface that is easy to read and has intuitive controls. With a simple twist of a knob, you switch the brew amount from 2 to 4 cups or 5 to 9 cups at a time. With a push of the button, you confirm your selection.

Once you have set the desired number of cups, the Oxo On 9-Cup Coffee Maker does the rest. Brew time and temperature are set automatically and give you the best results. This takes the guesswork out of brewing, so you end up with a superb cup of coffee.

The cone-shaped brew basket also ensures that all the flavor compounds from your ground coffee beans are extracted. As a result, your coffee is equally robust whether you brew two cups or nine cups at a time.

Oh, by the way, OXO has included a 1 cup coffee scoop and 10 standard #4 filters so you can start your first brew instantly.

Imagine this tragedy: you just got your new coffee machine delivered but forgot to buy coffee filters. Fortunately, it cannot happen with the OXO coffee maker.

If you prefer a permanent gold filter instead, no problem! It will also fit, although it’s not included.

There is also an internal mixing tube in the thermal carafe that blends the coffee as it drips. So you don’t end up with the first brewed drops all on the bottom. All these features come together to give you the most delicious experience with every sip.

Unfortunately, the 9-Cup version of the OXO coffee maker does not have a removable kettle. The kettle in the 12-Cup version heats water and can be removed for a cup of tea or cocoa.

If this feature is important, you should have a look at the OXO On 12-Cup Coffee Maker now at Amazon.

The OXO Coffee Maker Design – A Feast For The Eyes

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

The OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker is highly functional, but it’s also attractively designed. The sleek stainless steel and black-finished plastic give the drip coffee maker a distinctive modern look.

This isn’t a coffee maker that you have to put away between uses to keep the kitchen counter top area stylish. The contemporary design will blend in with your decor perfectly.

And you don’t have to worry about cleaning at all. Most parts, like the rainmaker showerhead or the mixing tube, are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe.

Although it’s a 9-Cup coffee maker, the carafe itself holds about 48 oz. of coffee. If you serve coffee in larger mugs, you may only be able to get 4-5 large cups out of the carafe.

Another important thing to note is that all the materials featured in the OXO 9-cup Coffee Maker are BPA free. This ensures that your coffee doesn’t end up contaminated with the potentially toxic compounds found in some plastics.

While the plastic components in the OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker are durably crafted and nontoxic, some people do feel that plastic can alter the taste of coffee.

Any effects on the flavor of your brewed coffee should be minimal, though! And you may not even notice a difference in taste at all, as not everyone has this perception with plastic parts.

My Verdict Of The OXO On Barista Brain

Who does not want a coffee maker with a brain, that does all the thinking for you!

The only thing it can’t do is to order more coffee beans and refill the water! That’s still your job!

Other than that, the OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker has all it takes to promise you an incredible tasting cup of coffee – every time!

It is indeed an expensive coffee maker, but so is Rolls Royce.

And OXO is so convinced of the quality of their product, that they offer you 2 years of warranty instead of one!

So if you are thinking, “Maybe I should” please do! You simply can’t lose!

OXO On Barista Brain
Drip Coffee Maker

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

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