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Ninja Coffee Bar Review [For People Who Love Different Coffee Drinks]

SUMMARY: Ninja CF080Z Multi-Serve

Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z Features
  • Multi-Functional – Cup, mug or full carafe – you can have it all
  • Accessories – Comes with everything you need to get started with coffee drinks
  • Auto-IQ Technology – For you to get the perfect coffee to water ratio
  • Expensive – You get a lot but you pay for it
  • Newbie in coffee market – Will Ninja pass the test of time
  • Small Carafe – 43oz could be too small for a large family
“Coffee is brewed fast and hot, the removable filter allows for quick clean up after a pot is brewed and the bonus of a foaming pitcher is just handy when you want to make coffee a little extra special.” – T. Mitchell

Versatile and Multi-functional

Ninja’s in-home coffee bar is a brand new classification of brewers that features the ability to prepare many types of freshly brewed beverages.

The design mimics what you would find behind the counter in today’s fancy coffee houses like Starbucks.

The Ninja CF080Z Coffee Bar brewer is one example of these coffee bar machines. It is capable of creating your favorite hot and cold brewed drinks. Whether you want a thirst quenching glass of iced coffee in the summer heat or a relaxing cup of freshly brewed cappuccino, the Ninja coffee maker can handle it.

Release that inner barista inside you in your own kitchen and make your family’s favorite brewed beverage.

No more having to jump in the car and drive to one of the many local coffee houses to get a great tasting cup of coffee.

The Ninja CF080Z coffee machine makes a great cup of coffee and what’s the secret behind it, you will find out through my Ninja Coffee Bar review.

Ninja CF080Z Multi-Serve Coffee Bar Features

Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z Features

The Ninja CF080Z Multi-Serve Coffee Bar is a complete coffee brewing system that delivers a great tasting cup of coffee, both hot and cold.

It features a unique brewing process that varies the strength of the coffee according to your preset preferences. With a simple touch of a button, you can select how strong of a cup of coffee you would like as well as how much coffee you want to brew.

Select a single mug, travel mug, half and full carafe, each one will be perfectly brewed every time.

You can also set a timer to brew your favorite coffee so that it is ready for you when you need a cup the most.

Another unique aspect of the Ninja Coffee Bar is that you can create a wide range of coffee-based drinks that include either hot or cold liquids.

The Ninja CF080Z gives you a combination of a single serve coffee maker, drip coffee maker, cappuccino machine and iced coffee maker all in one machine.

Whether you are wanting a single cup on the run before work or making a full pot, you can select how much coffee you want with a simple turn of a knob.

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Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence For Optimal Coffee And Water Ratio

Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z Programmable Auto-iQ One Touch Feature

The Ninja Multi-Serve Coffee Bar is a full function beverage machine in that it’s capable of making a wide range of your favorite hot and cold drinks.

Coffeeble says: Always the right amount of water thanks to Ninja’s Auto-IQ Intelligence

This includes freshly brewed coffee, tasty iced coffee and even a fancy cup of espresso-like coffee that is authentic enough for a delicious cappuccino.

Using a unique Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence brewing process the Ninja coffee maker will bring out the best flavor out of the coffee grounds.

And it doesn’t matter how much you brew – Auto-iQ always uses the right amount of water.

If you have read some of my other posts, you know that I always recommend grinding your coffee beans right before the brewing process.

But Ninja promises that even if you normally use lower quality, store brand coffee grounds you will get a much better cup of coffee every time, without having to leave your house.

You can select between four unique brewing methods for the best tasting cup right in your kitchen:

  • Classic Brewed Coffee – not too strong and not too weak.
  • Rich Brewed Coffee – a stronger coffee with a more intense flavor experience
  • Brewed Ice Coffee – cool off in hot summer
  • Specialty Brewed Coffee Drinks – strong espresso for your cappuccino or latte

Stronger Brew For Brewed Iced Coffee

Making fresh brewed iced coffee presents a unique situation in that pouring a hot liquid over ice cubes has a tendency to water down almost all drinks.

This is where the Ninja CF080Z Coffee Bar’s exclusive Auto iQ feature comes in again.

It will automatically adjust the level of coffee concentration as the liquid is poured over the ice.

This will help compensate for the amount of water that will mix with the coffee as the ice cubes begin to melt.

As a result, every cup of iced coffee tastes as delicious as it would if it was poured hot.

Specialty Brewed Beverages

If your favorite brewed beverage is a bit more on the creative side and you like a good cup of unique layered beverages, the Ninja CF080Z can dial up the concentration level and deliver a strong cup of coffee, almost espresso-like.

Using the special milk frother that comes inside the package you will be able to create each of the extra layers for specialized coffee drinks.

Inside The Ninja Coffee Brewer Package

Ninja Coffee Maker Package

With most coffee makers you only receive a manual next to the coffee maker itself but no extras.

Ninja, though, offers a variety of packages which could be a little confusing in the first place. So make sure to carefully select the model of your choice.

For example, inside the package of the Ninja CF080Z you will find:

  • Glass Carafe (Stainless Steel included with CF085Z)
  • Milk frother
  • 18oz. insulated tumbler, hot & cold
  • 5 paper filters
  • permanent coffee filter
  • coffee scoop
  • Book with 40 recipes

Advantages Of The Ninja CF080Z Multi-Serve Coffee Bar

The CF080Z Multi-Serve Coffee Bar is a feature packed machine that makes a classy cup of coffee that would rival even the best coffeehouse.

It comes with absolutely everything you would need (well, except the coffee grounds) to get started.

Worth mentioning is that the CF080Z model is completely BPA-free, according to Ninja.

The Ninja exclusive Auto-iQ technology delivers the precise amount of water and the prescribed temperature to create the best tasting cup every time.

The package also includes a book with 40 coffee drink recipes (1) to get you started with your new coffee bar.

Disadvantages Of The Ninja CF080Z Multi-Serve Coffee Bar

While for the most part the Ninja Multi-Serve Coffee Bar is a pretty good machine, the glass carafe is a bit small and don’t think that 43oz. of coffee is enough for a whole family of coffee drinkers.

The other thing is that at about $170, it is a bit on the expensive side.

My Conclusion Of The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

As someone who enjoys a really good cup of coffee, I can tell you the idea of being able to brew my own cup, a full carafe, iced coffee, or even cappuccino with only one machine really appeals to me.

Coffeeble says: Make delicious Cappuccinos at home AND save money!

With the Ninja CF080Z coffee maker, you can also save some money since you don’t need to visit any coffee shop anymore.

I would highly recommend the Ninja Coffee Bar to everyone who is in the market for a top rated drip coffee brewer who wants more than just a traditional drip or 1 cup coffee maker.

Now it’s time for you to get creative and buy your Ninja Coffee Bar with glass carafe now!

Ninja CF080Z
Coffee Bar Brewer

Ninja Coffee Maker CF080Z

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