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Keurig K575 Review: Get to Know the 2.0 Coffee Brewing System

SUMMARY: Keurig K575 2.0

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, 80 ounces, Platinum
  • A next-generation machine best choice for home and office
  • Customizable brew settings and User-friendly touchscreen
  • Featuring power-saving mode to optimize energy efficiency
“I’m impressed with the durability, the options, the appearance, and the freedom to pack my own k-cup to reduce my waste footprint.” – John S

With the release of the 2.0 series of coffee makers, Keurig has added many long-desired features to its already popular line of pod-based coffee machines. At the upper end of the lineup is Keurig K575, one of the largest and most advanced options. Our Keurig K575 review will walk you through the highs and lows of this next-generation machine to help you decide if it’s the best choice for your home or office.

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, 80 ounces, Platinum

Quick Review of the Keurig 2.0 K575

The Keurig 2.0 K575 is part of a new generation of Keurigs touting novel features like the ability to brew large K-carafe pods and highly customizable brewing options. 

The K575 is a top-tier model with a price to match, but it comes rife with useful attributes to justify its price tag.

The water reservoir on this machine has a volume of 80 oz, the largest available. This makes it easy to brew many cups of coffee, or even multiple carafes, without the need for a refill. It has 5 temperature settings for brewing and allows you to adjust the strength of your drink. A power-saving mode has been added to optimize energy efficiency. Despite the multitude of new features, the K575 remains easy to use and easy to clean and stays true to the Keurig mandate of delivering good coffee fast. 

Of course, this single serve coffee maker won’t be for everyone. Its large-capacity water tank means it has a big footprint compared to many countertop machines. It measures 13.6” x 10.4” x 13.5”, so if you have a small kitchen or were hoping to store your Keurig in the cupboard, you might be out of luck. The plastic construction is less durable than stainless steel, but it does have the advantage of keeping the price point reasonable.

Note that the 2.0 series machines like the K575 and our other favorite, the K200, are only compatible with Keurig brand K-cup pods or K-carafes. If you’re hoping to buy discount brand pods or if your favorite coffee pod isn’t made by Keurig, you’ll be out of luck. However, K575 can be used with the My K-cup reusable coffee filter, so you can always use your favorite ground beans.


  • Many customizable drink options

  • Large 80 oz water reservoir
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Energy-efficient power-saving mode


  • Can only use new Keurig capsules

  • Large footprint
  • Plastic construction

Full Review of the Keurig 2.0 K575

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, 80 ounces, Platinum

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Brewing – 5/5

Brewing versatility is the major selling point of the Keurig K575 and the 2.0 series in general. This machine allows you to choose cup sizes varying from a tiny 4 oz mug to a multi-serving 30 oz carafe. You can also adjust both the strength and temperature of your brew. 

Two other convenient features include a one-touch hot water dispenser, to quickly make tea or instant noodles, and a setting for high altitude. If you live in a place well above sea level, you know that water boils at a lower temperature at high altitude (1), making it important to adjust the parameters of your coffee brewing. (2) Keurig cleverly does this via an automatic “altitude” setting, a worthwhile feature if you live in a mountain town.

Like all pod coffee machines, the K575 brews a cup that is strong and smooth, and a built-in water filter ensures that you’re only using purified water in your brewing, a proven way to improve flavor (3). Naturally, the quality won’t be on par with a pour-over coffee made from freshly ground beans or a rich shot of espresso, but the Keurig certainly trumps most of the standard drip coffee machines that make up its real competition.

User-Friendliness – 4.5/5

The more features a machine has, the more complicated it will be to operate. But, Keurig K575 does an excellent job of keeping things surprisingly simple. Once you’ve found your favorite brewing settings, you can easily save them for the future using the responsive touch screen.

The color touch display senses the K-cup size that you’ve inserted in the machine and brings up the quantity options instantly. It’s so simple, even someone without caffeine in her system can do it.

Betty Gold, Good Housekeeping Research

A big bonus of the K575 is the 80 oz water reservoir, the largest of any Keurig machine. You can brew three carafes or up to 20 small coffees without needing a refill. It even has a setting that allows the water reservoir to act as a nightlight, with a color of your choosing, for those dark mornings when you’re stumbling towards the coffee machine. The K575 also has an auto-brew feature for the K-carafe pods, so you can program it to have your coffee waiting for you at the end of that early morning stumble.


Cleaning this machine is as simple as any other pod coffee maker. The removable drip tray slides out easily to be emptied and wiped, and the machine is smart enough to let you know when the water filter needs replacement. The needle that pierces the pod is the only other component that requires regular cleaning, and Keurig helpfully includes a special tool for the task. Like all coffee makers, this one will need to be descaled a few times a year.

A particularly useful attribute for those who like to take their coffee to go is that the K575 can fit up to a 7-inch tall mug under the brew head. This is very roomy when compared to most other brewers and means you can brew directly into a travel mug.

Energy Efficiency – 4/5

Keurig machines are designed to make coffee fast, and the K575 is no exception. Aside from the convenience, a quick coffee offers the side benefit of saving energy in the process. Because this particular machine is relatively large, it takes a bit longer to heat up than other Keurigs: on the order of 3 minutes. Still, it can brew one cup of coffee in less than a minute and an entire carafe in 4 minutes. This is much faster than a standard drip coffee maker.

Even better, the K575 has an energy-saving mode that, like nearly everything else in this modern brewer, can be customized.

After a certain period of inactivity, which you assign, the machine will turn off to save power.

Keurigs and other single serve coffee makers have faced some backlash from environmentalists due to the growing number of disposable K-cups in landfills. (4) The K575’s ability to brew larger K-carafe pods is a step in the right direction from a waste standpoint. Its compatibility with My K-cup reusable coffee filter makes this machine a viable option even for those looking to avoid single-use disposable products.

Value – 3.5/5

The Keurig K575 is one of the more expensive models, but you get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to features. Though primarily made of plastic, it is well built and has a sleek looking platinum finish. While it won’t endure like a stainless steel model, you can expect to get your money’s worth out of this machine.

Compared with the lower-priced K15 and K-Classic, it offers far more customizable brew settings, a much larger water reservoir, and the ability to brew bigger cups and carafe sizes. Indeed, these smaller brewers are targeting a different market. 

The K-Elite model is closer to the K575 in price and has a similar range of customizable brew features. However, it cannot brew carafes and doesn’t have a touch screen for easy programming. If you’re regularly looking to brew coffee for a crowd, the K575 is well worth its price.

One thing to note, particularly if you’re thinking about upgrading from an older model Keurig, is that the new 2.0 series of Keurig coffee makers will only use the latest version of Keurig brand K-cup pods. The internet, of course, has found a way around this limitation, and you are free to hack your own Keurig at your discretion. (5) Barring that option, you can always use Keurig’s My K-cup and enjoy your favorite ground beans.

Is this really for you?

Like all Keurig coffee makers, the K575 is great for anyone who wants their coffee fast. But unlike many of the smaller models, the new K575 is equally great for large groups of people who all want their coffee fast. This is due to K575’s ability to brew carafes and its extra-large 80 oz water tank. If you’re brewing for a large household or a bevy of coworkers, this coffee maker won’t let you down.

keurig K575 2.0 review with kcups

This high-end model will also satisfy Keurig fans who want more options to customize their coffee, thanks to its user-friendly touchscreen. With five temperature settings and brew-strength control, the K575 is perfect if you like an extra hot or extra-strong brew.

Don’t buy this IF

If this machine is only going to be used to make one or two single serve coffees a day. There are much cheaper Keurig options that will be just as satisfying. For example, K-Classic. You can find a round-up of all our favorite Keurig machines in this list.

If you have a small kitchen or are hoping to store your coffee machine in a cupboard when not in use. The K575 is probably not your best option because of its large footprint. Instead, the very compact Keurig K15 might meet your needs. Here’s a detailed review of what we think about this model.

The Bottom Line

The Keurig 2.0 K575 is a well-designed machine that addresses many of the shortcomings of the lower-end Keurig models. It can brew up to a 30 oz carafe of coffee and has enough customizable brew settings to satisfy even picky drinkers, all controlled through an easy-to-use touchscreen.

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, 80 ounces, Platinum


If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way to make coffee for a crowd, and you have the requisite counter space, you will find a lot to love about the Keurig K575.

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