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Jura Z6 Review: How Great is This Espresso Coffee Machine?

Jura Z6 coffee machine is one of top-end models of this Swiss manufacturer. It has enough features to impress any barista. But, it also comes with a price tag to match. Read on for our Jura Z6 review to learn all the details about this award-winning coffee maker.


  • Excellent Swiss manufacturing
  • User-friendly, high-quality espresso
  • Amazing degree of programmability
  • 13 pre-programmed specialty coffees
“The Z6 won [the 2016 Good Design Award] based on its cutting-edge design, concept, materials, construction, utility, energy efficiency and sensitivity to the environment.” – Greg Sleter, Gourmet Insider

A Quick Review of the Jura Z6

As a top-of-the-line model, the Z6 features all of Jura’s proprietary advanced technologies. These include the ultra-fast and quiet Aroma G3 grinder, the intelligent Pre-infusion Aroma System (IPBAS), and the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). Its milk nozzle features exceptional milk foam technology and the maintenance is a breeze.

The Z6 comes pre-programmed with 13 specialty drinks.

Still, where Z6 shines is its ability to customize your beverage to your liking. But all this functionality does come at a price, and the Z6’s is high.


  • Award-winning compact design

  • P.E.P. and IPBAS technologies for optimal extraction
  • Highly customized drinks
  • Large 81-ounce water reservoir


  • Expensive, and milk carafe is not included

  • Confined to Jura brand cleaners and filters

A Full Review of Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

The Jura Z6 falls right near the top of the line amid Jura’s substantial range of super-automatic espresso machines.

z6 coffee

Design – 4.5/5

Jura Z6 has been the recipient of multiple design awards (1). Several small details contribute to its overall beauty. For example, you can illuminate the height-adjustable dual coffee spouts beneath the brew group. This detail provides a futuristic-looking glow when reflected off the heavy chrome drip tray below. Also, the side-mounted water reservoir lights up in a more soothing blue color, which gives it an aquarium-type glow.

Given its myriad features, this automatic coffee machine is surprisingly compact, with a footprint of just 12.6 x 17.7 inches and a height of 14.8 inches. Yes, it is smaller than the popular Breville Oracle. The power button, unfortunately, is located in the far back, a consideration when choosing a location for this beauty.

User-friendliness – 4/5

Jura has packed the Z6 full of innovative technologies to ensure great espresso and milk frothing. The 9.5-ounce bean hopper has a rubber gasket seal, so your coffee beans will stay as fresh as possible while awaiting grinding. The built-in Aroma G3 ceramic burr grinder grinds coffee beans twice as quickly as previous versions without any increase in noise. There is also a bypass doser available if you prefer pre-ground beans or are craving a quick shot of decaf.

milky coffee

The quality of your espresso is guaranteed thanks to the inclusion of Jura’s patented IPBAS and Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technologies (2). IPBAS uses a two-step pre-infusion method to best prepare your grounds for extraction. Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) mimics the actions of a trained barista and results in a professional quality espresso topped by a creamy layer of crema (3).

We want to make sure there is crema because it tells me that the coffee is fresh and well-extracted, and it tells us that the barista has control of the coffee.

Tim Sturk, Cherry Coffee Training

When it comes to distinguishing super automatic machines, the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance is often the deciding factor (4). The full cleaning of the Z6 takes about 20 minutes. Simply empty the dregs drawer and the drip tray, and then run the automatic cleaning cycle using a Jura tablet. Also, If you’ve installed the included CLEARYL filters, you’ll never even need to descale. The only downside is that you will have to buy Jura brand filters and cleaning tablets.

Reservoir size – 5/5

The water tank has a large 81-ounce capacity, one of the largest available, particularly on such a compact machine. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker or plan to share this coffee maker with many users, you will enjoy how infrequently it needs refilling.

Perhaps more impressive than the reservoir’s size and style is its advanced technology. The Z6 features Jura’s Intelligent Water System (IWS), which uses RFID enabled smart filters to monitor your water supply (5). You’ll always know when filters need changing or if there are any other issues with your water quality. When you add a new filter, the machine automatically detects it, and it updates accordingly.


Versatility – 4/5

Once you dial your preferences, the machine will save them for future one-touch brewing.

Z6 offers 13 programmed drinks, including the popular latte macchiato and flat white, with each customizable to your exact specifications.

There are nine grind size settings, ten coffee strength options, and three brewing temperatures. On top of that, you can get hot water on demand. When it comes to milky drinks, the frothing is automatic and its milk system features Jura’s Fine Foam technology for long-lasting and finely textured milk foam. You can adjust the milk temperature to one of 10 settings. 

The Z6 uses a silicone tube milk system, which lets you pull milk from any vessel for the frother. Jura sells several milk coolers for just this purpose. Unfortunately, you don’t get a milk carafe, which is a bit surprising given the Jura Z6 price.

Is this really for you?

What makes the Z6 stand out among the top Jura coffee machines is the degree of programmability and an extra-large water tank. If you and your household consume a lot of coffee, and you like to have precise control over brewing, this machine will be well worth its price.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little customizability, our Jura E8 review features a slightly more modest model that maintains all the advanced technology of the Z6.

Don’t buy this IF

If you’re an espresso enthusiast who wants to engage in the espresso-making process. Instead, look for a manual or semi-automatic machine, like the Elektra S1C Microcasa or the Breville BES840XL. Other great options would be the Gaggia Babila, the Brera, and the De’Longhi ESAM 3300.

The Z6 is also not the best pick if you just want the occasional pure espresso. Thus, you can look into purchasing a refurbished Jura Z6 machine at a deep discount.

If you only have a small space, you might want to consider a more compact option. Jura ENA Micro 1 is the most compact offering and will fit nicely in even the tiniest kitchens. The Jura A9 is slightly larger than the Micro 1 but offers more functionality in a footprint that is still smaller than the Z6.

The Bottom Line

As one of the most advanced Jura automatic coffee machines available, there is little to criticize about the Z6. This machine is undeniably expensive, but if you have the budget to pay for it, Jura Z6 certainly won’t disappoint.

Jura Z6


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