Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker – From Hot To Cold In Less Than 60 Seconds

Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker – From Hot To Cold In Less Than 60 Seconds

​I received this product free of charge in exchange for writing a review. You can be ensured, that all opinions are my own and my review is honest and unbiased.

Are you still making iced coffee the old-fashioned way by pouring the hot brewed java over ice cubes? And all you get is a watery something that doesn’t deserve to be called iced coffee!

Forget everything you’ve heard about how to make iced coffee with hot coffee at home.

Prepare yourself for the HyperChiller – the iced coffee maker that promises to cool down hot coffee by up to 130°F in less than 2 minutes!

Best of all, it does all the magic without one ice cube being diluted in the hot coffee!

Sounds incredible?

Well, I put this new iced coffee maker to a test. Keep reading and find out if the HyperChiller lives up to its promises.

Preparation Before The Freezing

Hyperchiller disassembled

After disassembling, I got four pieces:

  • small stainless steel cup
  • large stainless steel cup
  • black HyperChiller cup
  • lid

All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe (top shelf!). Of course, I thoroughly washed it before first use with water and soap!

It’s quite simple to prepare and took me less than two minutes.

All I got to do was filling up the small cup with 6 oz. and the large stainless steel cup with 16 oz. of water.

In both cases, this is about 90% of the cup size.

The smaller cup must be twisted on the lid. The water in the large cup must be poured into the black cup before being screwed on the lid as well.

At last, I put everything back together and placed it in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

This is what happens inside the Hyperchiller:

HyperChiller demonstration

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The Challenge – Lower Temperature By 130° F

Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

I tested the HyperChiller with my Bunn MyCafe MCU single-serve coffee maker.

You should know that the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee is about 180°F – 190°F, when it’s dripping out of the Bunn.

This means, that the HyperChiller should cool it down to approximately 50°F-60°F.

And you know what, it almost did exactly that!

After about 90 seconds of swirling, I could measure a temperature of 65°F. Now all I had to do was adding ice and creamer.

The ice didn’t melt at all so the iced coffee was strong and rich in flavor.

The HyperChiller definitely passed the test and completely lives up to its promises!

When You Might Not Need The HyperChiller

Let me tell you first, the HyperChiller is a quick and convenient way to make iced coffee!

However, if you often have friends and family over at your house and plan to serve iced coffee to all of them, you could run into some problems.

You see, the maximum fill level is 12oz – enough for about 2 small glasses.

If you need more than that, you have to pour more coffee in the HyperChiller. But since it has warmed up it takes now longer to get the second batch cold enough. In this case or if you even need a third round of iced coffee, you should consider buying an additional HyperChiller.

Or you plan ahead and cold brew coffee with a different product in a larger container like the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

It’s More Than Just An Iced Coffee Maker

Cool Coffee, Wine and Whiskey With Hyperchiller

Who says you are limited to just cool down coffee? Have you ever been in the situation where you spontaneously wanted a glass of wine?

And unfortunately, the only bottle you can find is in the pantry and, of course, it’s room temperature. 

Putting it in the freezer or refrigerator just takes too long and your craving for that glass of Chardonnay slowly goes away.

With the HyperChiller, you can cool down your wine, whiskey or other spirits within minutes!

Do you want even more suggestions? How about iced tea, lemonade, or soda. You see, the options you have are countless!

My Conclusion

Hyperchiller and iced coffee

To be honest with you, I am always careful to write a positive review when at the same time I got the product for free.

But I promised you to be unbiased. Yet I won’t play a product down just to sound more believable.

Ever since I got the HyperChiller, I used it almost every day.

I still plan to cold brew with my Hario Brewer since it’s a larger pot and lasts longer but I have to wait until the next day until it’s ready.

If you like iced coffee but am tired of the watered down brew, I highly recommend you the HyperChiller.

You have nothing to lose since it comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

But rather than simply reading about it, why don’t you taste delicious iced coffee with the HyperChiller yourself?

Disclosure: I may get a commission for purchases made through eCommerce-links in my posts. More details here.

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