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DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Machine Review

SUMMARY: DeLonghi Dedica EC680

DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Machine
  • A compact little beast
  • Thermoblock heater and a 15-bar pump
  • Manual steam wand
Its footprint is tiny, and that might be a big advantage for a lot of people. – James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion

Sick of dropping big bucks at the coffee shop every day? You can’t imagine a decent home espresso machine fitting in your tiny kitchen? Check out the ultra-compact DeLonghi Dedica.

We took it for a test drive to see if this pint-sized coffee machine could really make a great espresso and came away pleasantly surprised. Keep reading this review for all the details

A Quick Review of the DeLonghi Dedica

delonghi expresso machine

The ultra-compact DeLonghi Dedica features a sleek design that will be right at home in even the smallest kitchens. This semi-automatic‘s ease-of-use impresses, with automatic flow stop for espresso shots and a knob for milk texture. We think it’s one of few great espresso machines priced under $500.

We’d love to see less plastic in the build and the addition of a 3-way solenoid valve, but these are small complaints for such an affordable machine.


  • Compact footprint

  • Excellent ease of use
  • Fast heat up time


  • Plastic construction

  • No 3-way solenoid valve

The Full DeLonghi Dedica Review

We put the DeLonghi Dedica among our top picks for espresso machines this year. Keep reading to learn why.

Design – 4/5

The De Longhi Dedica’s most obvious selling point is its small footprint.

Small kitchens, office desks, and even RVs will have space for this compact design.

Available in red, black, and silver, it measures just 5.9” wide x 13” deep x 12” tall and weighs less than 10 pounds. As a bonus, the top functions as a cup warmer.


Naturally, the small size leads to some drawbacks. The removable drip tray fills up fast, though a handy float lets you know when it’s full. The clearance beneath the spouts maxes out around 3 inches, a consideration if you like large drinks.

Our main design complaint is the largely plastic construction, which we’d love to see upgraded to more stainless steel.

User-Friendliness – 4.5/5

Though DeLonghi labels the Dedica a manual espresso machine, it’s actually a very easy-to-use fully automatic pump machine (1). 

It comes with a pressurized filter holder. 

Pressurized baskets are a great option for people with lower-end blade or burr grinders that find their coffee grounds aren’t as uniform as is necessary for higher-end espresso machines.

Seattle Coffee Gear

The experts will tell you this is more forgiving for espresso novices when it comes to dialing in grind size.

The thermoblock heater hits the right water temperature in about 40 seconds. So pulling an espresso is a piece of cake thanks to the automatic flow stop. Unlike with a semi-automatic espresso machine, you don’t need to know your shot timing.

For milk frothing, the steam wand has an adjustable dial to easily achieve perfect milk texture for your cup of coffee.

After 9 minutes of inactivity, the Dedica coffee machine automatically enters a power-saving sleep mode, great for saving you money and increasing the lifespan of the machine.

Our only complaint is the lack of a 3-way solenoid valve, which we’d hope to see in this price range. These valves don’t affect your espresso quality but do make clean-up a bit easier.

Reservoir Size – 3/5

The removable water reservoir measures 34 ounces. This is a smaller-than-average water tank capacity but appropriate for this compact design. It’s still big enough for about 20 double espressos before a refill.

Versatility – 4/5

With a 15-bar pump pressure and built-in milk frother, the De Longhi Dedica coffee maker is capable of producing any espresso drink you can dream up (2). Plus, the milk frother doubles as a hot water dispenser for tea, hot cocoa, or Americanos.

You can pull two shots at a time, which is handy if you like to share a morning espresso with a partner.

It lacks a built-in grinder, but we don’t consider that a negative because a separate grinder offers far more flexibility.

Alternatively, the pressurized filter basket means you can get away with pre-ground coffee, or the De Longhi Dedica is compatible with ESE pods (3).

Is This Really For You?

This is a good coffee machine for anyone looking for a simple and affordable fully-automatic machine. But it’s a GREAT machine for someone with limited counter space. 

Don’t Buy this if…

If you have a strict budget, DeLonghi makes less expensive espresso machines. Consider the EC155 instead, which we reviewed right here.

If you prefer to have a built-in grinder, take a look at the Breville Barista Express, one of the most versatile espresso machines on the market. 

If you don’t like the De Longhi Dedica’s plastic construction, the Rancilio Silvia, which we reviewed in this post. Each machine uses commercial grade components.

The Bottom Line

The DeLonghi Dedica is one of several coffee machines that can make a tasty espresso or cappuccino with minimal effort and for a reasonable price. 

But it’s the ONLY coffee machine that can do it at under 6 inches wide. We recommend it to anyone with a caffeine habit and a small kitchen.

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