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The Best Coffee Storage Containers of 2019

For those of us who enjoy the indulgence of a great cup of coffee, we want the greatest benefits from the coffee we choose.

To achieve the perfect cup of this heavenly brew, it is important to store coffee the right way! Protection from elements like air, light, heat and humidity, which can rob coffee of its quality is priority one.

But with low-quality coffee, you still won’t be able to enjoy great coffee, no matter how good your coffee storage container is. 

What I’m trying to say is, if you usually buy ground coffee in the store, there is no need anymore for vacuum sealed, airtight, or CO2 valve release features. 


Because ground coffee from the shelf got already beaten up by its enemies. So protecting it now from oxygen or UV-light is like spraying insect repellent after you got attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes. So the damage is already done!

But don’t get me wrong!

My goal is not to discouraged you from buying a coffee canisters if you purchase your coffee in the grocery store. All I want is to make sure you understand that you get the most out of an airtight coffee container when you store freshly roasted coffee beans in it.

A good #coffee container ensures that your java tastes great from the first cup to the last.

Why Is Proper Coffee Storage So Important?

The Unappealing Results When Coffee Goes Stale

If you have ever had the misfortune to encounter stale coffee, it’s an experience you will never forget. Stale coffee has an unpleasant, sharply bitter taste. Definitely not something a coffee lover like you wants to experience!

If coffee is not stored the right way in an airtight container, it will go stale fairly quickly.

Stale coffee not only has a bad taste but also a bad odor.

Having no pleasant coffee aroma is the result either before or during brewing.The smell of stale brewing coffee is like sawdust at best. A sharp moldy old scent in more unpleasant circumstances.

What Is The Best Way To Store Coffee?

The best way to store roasted coffee is in an opaque, airtight container. Even better, if it’s vacuum-sealed.

When it comes to the various forms of coffee, there are some specific ways to store it.

  • Ground Coffee – Ground coffee bought in the store can’t go stale, because it already is! Use it right away!
  • Roasted Whole Beans – Best stored in a cool, dark place and maintained at room temperature.
  • Green Coffee Beans – Place them in a airtight container in a human comfortable temperature and humidity environment.

How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh?

The amount of time coffee stays fresh depends predominantly on whether it is stored properly or not.

Roasted coffee beans, when stored away from light and oxygen, are generally fresh for about 15 days. It is best not to grind coffee beans until you are ready to brew. This ensures greatest freshness, aroma, and flavor.

Green, unroasted coffee beans on the other hand last for about a year or even longer​. Again, when properly stored. If exposed to air and humidity, green coffee beans can either dry out (low humidity) or grow mold (high humidity).

Have you ever asked yourself how long you could drink coffee before you should throw it away?

If stored in a good-quality coffee storage canister, you can keep the coffee for about 6 months. Yet, it is advised that to get the most enjoyment out of your coffee, old coffee should be discarded and replaced after 3 to 4 months at the longest.

And just to make it clear: I’m not talking about how long coffee stays fresh!

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t throw my beans out after 15 days only because they lost some of the flavors. But I personally reach my acceptance limit after 3 months or so.

Then it’s time to let them go.​

Which, barely happens! I drink way too much coffee and a bag rarely lasts longer than a week or two.

What Are Coffee’s Main Enemies?


UV Light / Sunlight

UV Sunlight


Oxygen / Air

oxygen or air


Humidity / Moisture

moisture or humidity


Temperature / Heat

temperature or heat

The undisputed enemies of coffee in any form are oxygen and ultraviolet (UV) light followed by humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Oxygen causes oxidization, which robs coffee of its freshness and flavor by drying out the natural oil content of the coffee.

Ultraviolet light is what is known as a mutagen, meaning that it causes genetic mutations. This process breaks down the chemical compounds in the coffee which work to preserve it’s flavor and quality, leaving it dull and lacking in aroma and taste.

Time can also affect the freshness of coffee if it is not stored properly. If roasted coffee beans are sealed securely in an airtight container that also keeps out humidity and high temperature, they can be kept fresh for about two weeks without compromising the brew too much.

Storing Coffee In The Refrigerator Or Freezer – A Good Idea?

Refigerator With Angry Emoticon


Ground coffee and whole coffee beans, whether green (unroasted) or roasted, should never be stored in the refrigerator.

Moisture destroys the integrity of all forms of coffee quickly.

Period!​ Need more proof? Here you go!

Unless you want to deodorize your refrigerator!

No, for real! Place a small container of coffee beans in your refrigerator and it will absorb ​bad odors.

I recommend you to only buy as much coffee as you can consume in one or two weeks. But we all want to save money and sometimes there is a 5 lbs bag at a super discount available and we just can’t say no.

I get it!

While it is true that coffee may be frozen for a short time to preserve freshness, this method will only work if the coffee is separated into small amounts and stored in high-quality protective freezer bags for no more than 1 to 3 months.

frozen coffee beans
Frozen coffee beans – literally!

Otherwise, freezer burn will set in and your coffee will be ruined.

You don’t wants to experience freezer-burnt coffee, and most definitely don’t want to taste it either!​

In short, freezing coffee does not actually keep your coffee fresh as often assumed.

But if it is still absolutely necessary to freeze, you have to follow a few steps to not ruin your precious coffee beans.

  • Never freeze coffee beans more than once!
  • Separate your beans in smaller batches
  • Wrap the beans in airtight freezer or valve sealed coffee bags
  • Use within about 3 months

FAQs – Storing Coffee Beans

Can I safely store my coffee in the bag or container it comes in?

  • No. These types of storage containers are meant to keep coffee fresh only for a limited amount of time and may not be airtight

Is coffee that is purchased pre-ground better than coffee beans?

  • Definitely not. Coffee becomes stale right after grinding. Please consider buying whole-bean coffee and grind it at home when you are ready to brew a pot.

What is the purpose of this small plastic chip that I sometimes see in coffee bags?

  • Fresh coffee releases CO2. Those valves make sure that CO2 inside the sealed bag can escape while at the same time oxygen cannot get in.

7 Best Coffee Storage Containers To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Proper coffee storage needs a special container. One which is created specifically to keep coffee fresh and ready to brew a flavorful, steaming pot. There are several coffee containers on the market, but be warned – they are not all created equal.

Some are more concerned with appearance than functionality. If you are going to invest in a good coffee canister, take the time to do a bit of research and get the best one for your money. Below is a list of the 7 top-rated coffee storage containers. Find the one that fits your needs and show your coffee some TLC.

#1 Zevro Vac ‘n Save Vacuum-Sealing Food-Storage Containers

coffee storage container

The Zevro Vac’n Save Container stores coffee in a hand-vacuum-sealed container. It holds whole bean coffee or ground coffee. 

But, of course, you can also keep other ​products fresh like cheese, nuts, chips, just to mention a few.

At first you place coffee inside the container. Using a hand pump which attaches to the lid, you can then draw all the oxygen out.

This BPA-free coffee container can hold up to one pound of coffee. 

One thing you might consider is, that you need to store this container in a dark place, since it’s clear polypropylene. It won’t protect coffee from sunlight.

As we know now, exposure to air can cause mold to form as well as robbing coffee of its natural oil content. Therefore, a vacuum-sealing process is important.

If you prefer to get the greatest taste and enjoyment from your coffee too, then the Zevro Vac ‘n Save Ruby Rectangular-Shaped Vacuum-Sealing Storage Containers may be a good choice for you.


  • Airtight seal lets CO2 escape while air stays out to preserve the flavor and quality of coffee.
  • Large size holds plenty of coffee (beans or ground) and makes scooping easy and mess-free.


  • Clear plastic construction allows light to enter, compromising coffee’s quality.

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2. Lovffee Coffee Storage Canister

Lovffee Coffee Storage Canister

The Lovffee Coffee Storage Container features a patented venting system to allow CO2 to escape from the canister. At the same time it prevents oxygen and other elements from entering and destroying the quality of the delicious coffee inside.

The stainless steel construction of the Lovffee protects coffee from the common factors that are harmful to its great taste.

Air, light, moisture and humidity are all enemies of coffee, looking to rob it of its natural oil content and great roasted flavor.

It holds up to one pound of coffee and comes with a convenient measuring scoop. The Lovffee is easy to keep clean since all parts are dishwasher safe.

A coworker of mine purchased the Lovffee coffee storage unit and she is happy with it. She especially likes the air filtering feature that automatically removes the CO2 that is naturally released by coffee beans and keeps out oxygen. so her coffee stays fresh longer.

Since she doesn’t drink coffee every day it is important to her that the coffee remains fresh until she is ready to use it. Chances are everyone in the office is going to be receiving one of these for their birthday this year!


  • Patented aeration system keeps coffee fresh, air out, and lets CO2 escape.
  • Designer look makes this coffee canister a lovely conversation piece in any kitchen.


  • Some reviewers have claimed that snap closures on lid breaks easily.
  • The one-way aeration valve located on the lid makes stacking impossible.

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3. Coffeevac 1lb – The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

Coffeevac Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

The Coffeevac Coffee Container has a simple appearance, yet it is one of the highest-rated coffee storage units on the market today.

It operates via a partial vacuum seal to keep Coffee fresher. The pressure-release valve works whenever there is a CO2 buildup inside the container.

The Coffeevac Coffee Container holds up to one pound of coffee, preserving it’s quality so you can enjoy a perfect cup every time.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Coffeevac Airtight Coffee Container are also super-easy. You can hand-wash it and allow it to air-dry. At busy times you can also put it in the dishwasher.

Remember to always check the lid of the container to make sure no wayward coffee beans or grounds are lodged there.Any debris stuck inside the lid can compromise the vacuum-sealing process.


  • In many different designs, colors and materials available.
  • Patented pressure-release system keeps coffee’s natural enemies out and coffee fresh.


  • Some have reported that the container developed an unpleasant odor after a few uses.
  • Some report, the canister is too fragile and breaks easily.

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4. Friis Coffee Vault

Friis coffee vault

The Friis stainless-steel airtight Coffee Vault can hold a full pound of coffee beans.

Its freshness valve draws out all traces of oxygen and CO2. As you have read before, both of which can destroy the integrity of coffee and ruin it’s flavor.

The base is solid stainless-steel and the lid made of BPA-free black plastic. This design keeps out all light which can also break down the components of coffee and leave it stale and tasteless.

The Friis Coffee Vault comes with a year’s supply of freshness valves to release CO2. A measuring spoon is also included to ensure the right amount of coffee for your personal taste.On top you get an informative and entertaining booklet titled, “The Art of Flavor”. This is a step-by-step guide for using your new coffee vault.

Consumers have reported that in the long term the canister works as well as it did when it was brand new. The ergonomic design makes it perfect in any kitchen setting.

The Friis Coffee Vault is available in three different colors: silver, black and red. Make sure that you only hand wash this coffee storage container. Clear all traces of coffee grounds so that the effectiveness of the vacuum-sealing process will not be affected.


  • CO2 filters are great for people who like to roast and store their own coffee beans.
  • Protects coffee from light, oxygen, and CO2.
  • Comes with free filters for one year.


  • After a year, you must buy CO2 filters.

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5. Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

coffee gator steel storage container

The coffee canister by Coffee Gator features a convenient date wheel on the lid so you can know at a glance how long your coffee will remain fresh. 

This helps you to save money by reducing the amount of coffee that you have to throw away for going stale. Whether whole-bean or ground, the Coffee Gator protects your coffee from exposure to all enemies of coffee.

The canister seals out air via the powerful gasket and secure latching system. The stainless-steel construction blocks out all light.

This coffee canister is available in a variety of popular colors so you can match it to any decor.

Included is a stainless steel scoop and a free eBook with the Title “10 Hacks To Better Coffee”


  • Simple CO2 removal system needs no special filters, saving money.
  • Cleaning is as easy as wiping down with a damp cloth.
  • Easy-latching closure seals tightly to keep out air.


  • Holds finger marks and smudges easily.
  • Some consumers have reported that the date wheel on the canister’s lid is difficult to operate.

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6. Coffee Vault Stainless Steel Coffee Canister Airtight

coffee vault canister storage container

The Coffee Vault Storage Canister is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, geared toward a lifetime of durability and keeping your coffee fresh.

The opaque, airtight design keeps coffee safe from all sources of light as well as damage from CO2 and oxygen.

All these are factors which can break down the delicate balance of oils and other elements which give coffee it’s flavor and aroma.

The canister comes with a matching stainless-steel coffee scoop for convenience.

It stores up to one pound of coffee, whole bean or up to 21oz ground, and requires no extra equipment to activate its airtight feature.


  • The easy-to-operate release to let CO2 inside the canister escape.
  • Compact construction saves space without skimping on coffee storage space.
  • Easy-latching closure seals tightly to keep out air.


  • Date Dial can become stuck.

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7. Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

airscape coffee storage container

The Airscape Coffee Storage Canister features a patented valve system that forces out oxygen and CO2 and then securely vacuum-locks the lid into place.

The canister comes in an array of colors to make it the attractive focal point of any kitchen.

It is stackable to create storage space with no problem, is stain- and odor-resistant, and can be hand-washed easily.

A unique feature of the Airscape Coffee Storage Canister is the fact that it has not one, but two separate lids.

One internal and one external, so your coffee is doubly-safe from the damaging effects of oxygen, moisture, light, and CO2.


  • Consumers report having purchased and used the Airscape for many years with no decrease in performance.
  • The wide mouth allows easy scooping for no wasted product as the contents get low.


  • The Airscape holds only about 1/2 pound of coffee.
  • Sealing bands located on the lids sometimes slip and must be re-adjusted.

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Final Thoughts

All coffee fans have their own personal preferences, so do you!

I hope, you are able to find a coffee storage container among those listed here to meet your needs.Find the one that appeals to you, that offers the qualities you consider important, and start enjoying fresh, delicious coffee any time you wish.

These 7 coffee storage containers were chosen because they provide great protection for coffee to preserve its freshness and shelf life.

As a coffee lover myself, my personal choice would be the Coffee Gator Coffee Canister. Actually, it’s on my wishlist for Santa. I like its generous size, its reliable performance, and its modern, clean appearance.

Disclosure: I may get a commission for purchases made through eCommerce-links in my posts. More details here.