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Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer Review

SUMMARY: Bunn MCU Single Cup Multi-Use

Bunn MCU front view with K-Cup drawer
  • Flexibility – This is one of the most versatile single-serve brewer that I know for this price
  • Fast Brewing Time – The brewing cycle is quick and your coffee is ready in less than a minute
  • Great Tasting Coffee – It brews a consistent and delicious cup of Joe
  • Sturdy Built – It does not feel cheap and it takes more than a push to knock this one over
  • Long waiting time for first cup – Over 2 minutes feel long when you’re waiting for it
  • No Water Level Indicator – No window or scale only a hard to read line inside the tank
  • No On/Off Switch – Energy savings mode starts after 26 hours.
The versatility is amazing and the ease of use has been a life saver. Our kids can make their own drinks, oatmeal with the hot water, and can easily help us serve guests the beverages of their choice. – Debi S.

“Fast and Versatile Coffee Maker”

With the Bunn Single Cup Coffee Maker, you are completely flexible and prepared for all of your desires.

It lets you brew K-Cups, coffee or tea pods, tea bags, tea and coffee grounds and can also provide you with a simple cup of hot water for your oatmeal in the morning.

If you don’t want to limit yourself in with a ‘K-Cup only’ single cup coffee maker, the Bunn My Cafe MCU is a very good option for your kitchen counter.

So let’s see if the next Bunn Coffee Maker has your address label on its carton.


Bunn MCU front view with K-Cup drawer

Yes I know, the Bunn MCU sounds like the ‘Swiss-Army-Knife’ of coffee makers.

However, the first face-to-face encounter with the Bunn MCU may be a disappointment. There are no fancy buttons or a big display that fills up your heart with excitement.

Coffeeble says: K-Cups, Pods, Ground Coffee and Hot Water for ultimate flexibility with the Bunn MCU!

The Bunn MCU’s housing is made of black plastic and only the front is finished with a stainless steel plate. And all it has to offer are two buttons, one for brewing, one for pulsing, and a status LED.

But in favor of the machine, it feels very sturdy.

Since Bunn is usually famous for their commercial products I guess it’s probably too much to ask for their designers to completely revamp their product line.

As long as it does its job and serves a good cup of Joe, I guess we can live with it.

And with the Bunn MCU you can literally say: The inner values are really what counts!

Included in the package are a coffee scoop and four interchangeable drawers, each with its own function. With them you can brew whatever your heart or better your taste buds desire: one is for K-Cups, one for coffee pods and tea bags, one for coffee or even tea grounds and the last one is for hot water.

I honestly don’t know any other coffee maker that can provide you with this variety.

Readability Of Display And Units

There is not a lot to say because the Bunn MCU only has two buttons, the brew, and the pulse button.

While there is one LED light right below the Brew button that shows either red (heating or problem) or green (ready), the pulse button is surrounded by a red LED light that indicates whether it is on or off (more to the pulse function in the next chapter: Coffee Making Process).

The water tank must be refilled for every new cup so the strength of your coffee or tea depends on how much water you fill in the reservoir. There is no indication that shows me the fill level of the water, though.

Coffee Making Process

Bunn MCU with full cup of coffee

At first you fill up the water tank with fresh water. Bunn recommends 6 ounces of water per K-Cup, for example. But again you are your own boss.

The more you pour in, the weaker the coffee gets. There is a max level indicator below the spin lid to show you when you have to stop pouring more water in.

Now you have to wait because the machine heats up the water to 200F.

Here I have to criticize the first time. In my opinion, it takes too long for the first cup. Even for as little as 6 ounces the Bunn MCU needs over 2 minutes to be ready.

When the light then finally turns green you press the Brew button and the pump starts to push the water through the drawer.

To the machines defense: after the first long wait time the second cup can be brewed in the twinkling of an eye.

The coffee is consistently hot with a full flavor and no bitterness at all. That is a good sign of timing because if water and coffee grounds are in contact too long it creates a bitter stale taste.

You should definitely try out freshly ground beans with the corresponding drawer and select the pulse button.

All I can say is deeeeelicious!

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Type Of Coffee To Use

Quick and easy: you can use whatever you want. K-Cups, coffee pods, ground coffee, freshly ground beans, tea bags or pods. You can even pour cocoa mix or oatmeal in your cup and fill it up by using the hot water drawer.

Bunn My Cafe MCU K-Cup Drawer
K-Cup Drawer
Bunn My Cafe MCU Cofee Ground Drawer
Ground Coffee Drawer
Bunn My Cafe MCU Coffee Pod Drawer
Coffeepod Drawer
Bunn My Cafe MCU Hot Water Drawer
Hot Water Drawer

Brewing Performance

The Bunn MCU heats the water to 200°F which is a perfect brewing temperature according to the NCAUSA (1).

The result is a very hot cup of coffee and I highly recommend waiting a minute or two until it has cooled down if you don’t want to burn your tongue.

Coffeeble says: According to leading testing laboratories, the Bunn MCU heats water to a perfect brew temperature of 200°F.

For the strength of the coffee, you have total control over it. The best is to start with the recommended 6 ounces of water and then increase the amount if it’s too strong.

After 6 hours idle time, the Bunn MCU lowers the temperature of the water to 140°F. After 26 hours of being idle, the machine will automatically activate the sleep mode.

26 hours is way too long in my opinion. Even when I only brew one cup of coffee every morning at 7 am, the coffee maker never goes to the sleep mode and constantly keeps the temperature at 140 degrees. Not sure how much energy goes down the drain.

A simple on/off button would be appropriate. Instead, I just unplug the cord when I don’t plan to use it anymore for the day.

When a button is pushed or a drawer is removed or inserted, the brewer automatically exits the sleep mode and begins to heat up the water again. Which is very convenient!

Cleaning The Bunn MCU

Bunn MCU front view with Tray cover

Every machine needs some pampering, so does the Bunn MCU.

The machine has an internal water reservoir that must be filled with water before you use it the first time. When it’s filled up run 2-3 rinse cycles.

The drawers are top-rack dishwasher safe but should be rinsed after each use. Every other day you should remove the Drip Tray Cover and clean the Drip Tray with mild dish soap.

Bunn recommends deep cleaning your coffee brewer every 3 months to remove all accumulated mineral deposits in the machine. If you have a water softener installed the cleaning frequency may be extended.

But it’s really easy anyways. All you have to do is filling up the tank with white vinegar, insert any drawer and run a cycle. To get rid of all the vinegar leftover taste, run a few additional water cycles.

The spray head can also be removed and cleaned if necessary. When clogged with mineral deposits or coffee or tea grounds it can slow down the brew cycle or start leaking.

Price Of The Bunn My Cafe MCU

Bunn My Cafe MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer

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FAQs About The Bunn MCU Single-Brewer

At first please read the chapter Cleaning The Bunn MCU above!If you regularly cleaned your Bunn MCU and it still leaks try to remove both the spray head and seal and clean it with mild dish soap. You may use a sharp pin or toothpick to clean the holes.If you still experience leaking, you can also put the spray head in a bowl with hot water and baking soda.

The reason could be a bloated K-Cup. If you notice a bulge in the lid, take a needle and poke a tiny whole in it to released some pressure. Good luck!

Yes you can! However, bear in mind that this coffee maker comes with a ground coffee drawer. So instead of filling up your reusable K-Cup, you could just use the ground coffee drawer instead.

There is no drain or anything. So all you can do is either take the whole machine to the sink and put it upside down or you unscrew and remove the lid. Refer to your manual’s cleaning & maintenance chapter.

The water sensors inside the tank are probably dirty or minerals have built up over the time. You can unscrew it by sliding the lid back and removing the two screws. Now you can take off the top and detect the two water sensors at the back of the water tank. Clean them carefully with a soft toothbrush.

My Verdict About The Bunn My Cafe Single Brewer

The first days with the Bunn MCU can be a little irritating. But as soon as you got the hang of it, you will love this machine.

Brewing time is fast, it’s simple to use and it provides a rock solid performance.

With the flexibility of not being forced to only use K-Cups, it could become your Swiss Army Knife of Single-Cup Brewers.

Tell me, do you own a Bunn My Cafe MCU? How do you like it? Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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