Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate – What’s All The Buzz About It?

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate – What’s All The Buzz About It?

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Bizzy Coffee Review - Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Bizzy contacted me if I wanted to try their organic cold brew coffee concentrate.

Since I'm a confirmed cold brewed coffee addict I didn't hesitate and said yes. You should know I got this bottle of Bizzy organic cold brew coffee for free. I can ensure you that my review is honest and unbiased.

Now let's have a look what's so special about Bizzy cold brew coffee It even appeared in BuzzFeed's list of 21 Awesome Amazon Wish List products.

And if you read until the end, there's a great deal waiting for you!

Bizzy's Knocking On My Door

When the box arrived I couldn't wait to open it. Inside the package was a sticker, a random recipe and of course the bottle of Bizzy Coffee. The recipe was the Coffee Green Smoothie but I tell you right now I was too chicken to try it out. 

Are you braver than I am?

There are more recipes at Bizzy's website for you to try different coffee drinks or even snacks. Yes, Bizzy Coffee even suggests using their cold brew coffee for mocha brownies or cold brew protein ice cream, just to name two of them.

First Taste Test: Bizzy Black With Cream

Since I'm not that adventurous, I started with a more traditional recipe - the Bizzy Black With Cream.

It's 1/3 of Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee, 1/3 of water, and 1/3 of cream. You should know that Bizzy is a coffee concentrate This means, it's brewed much stronger than regular coffee with about 3 times as much caffeine!

For this reason, each bottle of 16 fluid ounces makes up to 6 drinks since you dilute it with water.

After my first sip, I knew right away why they offered me this bottle. It was not about writing a review for them. They laid a bait to get a new customer. And I bit!

I know that this was not my last bottle of Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee.

But jokes aside. You should know, I have been brewing my own Cold Brew Coffee for about a year now after I bought the Hario Cold Brew Pot. And the cold brew coffee is more than acceptable.

But Bizzy Coffee topped all of my past cold brew experiences. Their coffee is smooth, not bitter at all and tastes just damn delicious.

But here's the thing!

This is my own opinion. My better half, who taste tested with me, didn't like it so much. She prefers hot brewed coffee cooled down instantly with the Hyperchiller.

Why am I telling you this?

Because there's no accounting for tastes.

This is just my opinion how cold brew coffee should taste like! And I'm not alone with this opinion. Granted, there are not so many reviews yet at Amazon, but the product is still brand new.

And over 90% gave it 5 stars and comments like this:

[pullquote align=”normal”] – The best tasting cold brew…
– Love this stuff!
– This coffee ROCKS! [/pullquote]

Second Taste Test: Bizzy Black Coffee

Bizzy Coffee Black

In my second test I wanted to find out about the real flavor of the coffee itself. You know, without any added flavors like cream or vanilla.

So the recipe says I should mix 1/3rd of concentrate with 2/3rd of water, which I did.  

​I tasted a bit of acidity, which is not bad! In fact, it even increased my taste experience.

According to Bizzy they use a blend of arabica coffee beans from Central and South America but not what type of roast. Based on the brightness (another word for acidity) of the coffee, I assume it's a medium or even a light to medium roast - my favorite by the way! 

One ore two reviewers claimed the coffee tastes bitter. I cannot share this opinion. 

Acidity? Yes! But bitter? Not at all!

So I ended my taste test with another Bizzy Black With Cream.

I know, I know! Boring me! No Bizzy Cold Brew Mocha Brownies, no Bizzy Vodka Tonic, and no Mocha Chip Cold Brew Ice Cream. Maybe next time.

What Does It Actually Mean? Bizzy?

Delicious Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee

How do you stay awake and keep the focus when you're busy in work or life? 

Well, you either drink coffee or an energy drink, soda or whatever includes caffeine. Because we all know caffeine gives you an energy boost - in most cases.

But as a health-conscious person, you try to avoid those sugary sodas and energy drinks. Hopefully.

Hot coffee is sugar-free, great! But it's not always our favorite choice, especially in summer! And there's no time to cold brew when you want it NOW!

By the way, have I mentioned it, that cold brew coffee takes 12-24 hours to brew? You need the patience of a saint!

The original question was, what Bizzy means. Bizzy comes from "busy". Busy people need a boost of energy. Quickly. Busy people need Bizzy Coffee!

Even better when this caffeine boost is also a healthy boost. That's why Bizzy has no sugar and contains only coffee beans that are grown organically.

And in case you haven't heard. It's proven that coffee also boosts your health.

I think, that's enough boost for today!

So Bizzy comes from busy but hold on a second. Don't hit the back button now and search for something else if you consider yourself a lazy couch potato. Bizzy Coffee is also for you!

It's a perfect refreshment beverage when you sit at the pool and bath in the sun. Or have a glass or two while watching the Monday Night Football game (to not fall asleep and miss the overtime!).

My Conclusion About Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee

What can I say, I enjoyed every sip of Bizzy Coffee. It's a good feeling to know there's a bottle of cold brew coffee in the fridge waiting for you when you need it the most.

I still cold brew my own coffee because the convenience of getting Bizzy to your front door also comes with a price. It's not cheap!

But you should know you're paying for quality and "Cold Brew A.S.A.P"!

Since I want you to try Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee yourself, look at the orange button a little further below where I have a great deal for you!

So decide yourself how much self-indulgence you deserve! A single bottle, a 12-pack or even a monthly subscription?

Please share with me in the comments section below how much you like Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate!

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